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Shared Responsibility (04:14)


Young people outside a soccer field in Vilvoorde, Belgium tell French journalist Rudi Vranckx that they all know young people who have left to do Jihad and that it all began in 2011, when a law against women wearing burkas was passed in Belgium. They say it is the fault of everyone— parents, government, and mosques.

Entering a New World (04:55)

Saliha's son left for Syria at age 18, only to sporadically communicate with his parents through Facebook before he deleted his account. She says that all of the jihadists tell their parents to quit telling them to come back and that before her son left, he had stopped going to work and began going to the mosque five times a day.

Pain and Suffering (03:47)

Saliha describes learning that her son had disappeared in the night and gone to Syria. She says learning he was dead was a relief. More than 400 young people in Belgium have left for Syria, most from Antwerp.

System of Two Worlds (03:00)

Vranckx visits a counseling center called Al Miezaan where two men counsel youth that are struggling with religious and identity issues. Sofian is a psycho-social counselor and meets with a 16 year old who struggles with his identity as a Muslim.

To Be a Good Muslim (03:56)

Counselor Sulayman advises the 16 -year-old Muslim to put himself in others' shoes and reminds him that being a good Muslim also requires being a good son. He tells the boy that behaving well and being good to others is more important than just talking about religion.

Story of a Young Muslim (03:26)

Sulayman has practiced Islam for 20 years and now preaches before hundreds, both in person and watching online from home. He preaches in Arabic and in Dutch.

One Vision (04:20)

A 28 year old Muslim who seems to bridge the religious world with the social world in Belgium describes the difficulties young Dutch-speaking Muslims face. Young people often face anger related to the misinterpretations of their religion.

Meeting with Mothers (02:51)

Saliha hopes to turn the pain of losing her son into positive actions against radicalization and to prevent other mothers from suffering as she has. A city council worker meets with women like Saliha whose sons both left for Syria.

Working Together (03:19)

Fatima, was told that her son was dead but found it was not true. The Antwerp city council has told Fatima that it is difficult to get the parents together, so Sabri's mother invites her to the reunion held for parents of jihadist young people.

Be Like Mohammed (04:34)

Sulayman speaks at a primary school about Mohammed and his conversion to Islam. He says there needs to be more people actively involved in guiding children about Islam in the correct manner.

Confronted With Outside World (03:32)

After he speaks at the primary school, three young children raise their hands to ask Sulayman, "Is ISIS good or bad?" Sulayman says these children need to be constructively guided from an early age to avoid being persuaded to radicalize.

Immersion Trip (06:18)

Young people from an organization called Islamic Relief go on a trip to a refugee camp with an NGO in Lebanon on the Syrian border. They go to see a woman who has been in the camp for two years after she was hit in the neck with a bullet while holding her son's hand. She was left paralyzed.

Convert's Bridging Position (03:52)

Sulayman says that many young people are still in Belgium and not planning to leave and that these may be the leaders of the future. Many radicalized young people are angry at him.

Credits: My Jihad (00:16)

Credits: My Jihad

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As violence continues to spread throughout the Middle East, a growing number of young Muslims from all over Europe are leaving their hometowns to fight for ISIS. In the last year alone more than 400 young Belgians have traveled to Syria. This film visits the region of Vilvoorde to investigate why so many young Belgians are becoming radicalized, and how leaders of the Muslim community are attempting to combat it.

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