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Martyrdom Seekers (03:17)


The Syrian branch of al-Qaida, Jabhat al Nusra, equips trucks with bombs. Suicide bombers seeking martyrdom line up to drive the bombs to designated detonation sites, believing they will take 30 people to paradise once they are dead.

Send Them to Hell (02:11)

A man who intends to drive a suicide truck shows where the buttons are that he will push to explode the truck and kill everyone surrounding him. He says he will be on the phone with his father until his last minutes of life.

Jihad Against the Enemy (02:42)

Abu Qaswara goes to buy fried chicken in Saudi Arabia and runs into friends who discuss a mutual friend that has carried out his martyr operation and died. The man says he used to live a comfortable life but found it unfair as his Muslim brothers died in war.

House of Eternity (03:02)

Qaswara speaks to his mother on the phone. He watches videos on his laptop of his one year old daughter who he has never met. He sings a prayer song about meeting after this life.

Man From Miserable Land (02:56)

London born Abu Basir al Britani has an American mother and an English father. He describes Britain as a miserable place and says he only misses speaking face-to-face with his family.

Everything Was Peaceful (03:45)

Britani sits behind sandbags with other soldiers and says that the army is ahead. Through a hole they watch gunfire and say that the army is shooting out of fear. They tell stories of the government committing acts of rape and torture.

Life Before Jihad (03:12)

The men eat lunch together and prepare to train. Abu al-Yaman describes his career as a soldier; he decided to register on the list of martyrs "by the will of Allah." He says it could be two years before he completes his aim: death for the sake of Allah.

Entrance to Paradise (00:24)

Qaswara says he prays that Allah will reward his parents for his suicide mission though he knows they do not like the idea of his death. At night, a building explodes in the distance before a backdrop of gunfire. Qaswara says Turkish brothers are responsible for the truck explosion operation.

Martyr Operation (05:20)

A wounded man describes the bullet entering and exiting his body. Qaswara asks for advice regarding his suicide mission.

Complete Destruction (03:26)

Soldiers get out of a truck warning one another that bombers are coming. They find bodies in rubble and grenades, rockets, and missiles. They yell at each other to step back saying that the Coalition has committed the bombings of civilian houses after vowing to protect the Syrian civilians.

Non-Interference in Foreign Policies (03:06)

Men pray at a mosque. Britani reads about GCC members and the "United Snakes" from a laptop. He says the writing is "bullshit."

Face of Allah (03:37)

A man explains to Qaswara how to drive the "the BMP" truck before he sets out to complete his suicide mission. He says tells the Qaswara that he will push a button and then be in Paradise. He prays that he will die with clear intentions, but he is unable to complete the mission and it is given to someone else.

Wife's Duty in Jihad (03:35)

Britani shows what was once his room before it was bombed by American forces. He says he recently got married and that his wife knows he is on the list for martyrdom.

Fire Full of Fuel (02:44)

Britani reports that he has received news from Sheikh Mohammed al-Mohensi of a big truck near the Bashar army. Qaswara wonders how long he will live, saying he is 32 already.

To Be a Father (02:18)

Qaswara was speaking with the martyr operator when a barrel bomb whizzed by and nearly killed them. Britani talks about the possibility of his wife being pregnant.

Flowers for the Wives (04:33)

The men talk about cooking and flowers. Britani picks flowers and the others say he is like ISIS, decapitating them. Qaswara rides a motorcycle and says that after waiting five months, he received an order to return to his main base and go back to what he was doing before: spreading the religion of Allah.

Shepherd for the Family (04:07)

Britani is removing a fan from the old Jabhat al-Nusra base to use at his house during the hot days of Ramadan. He says before he got married and before he got the news about his martyrdom operation, he did not think it would be a difficult decision, but it is.

For the Family (02:24)

Britani says he wanted to get married because he wanted to have children that became righteous Muslims. He said he did not realize he would have the emotional attachment and intelligence he now has and that his feelings have changed. Watch an epilogue of the characters, none of whom have pushed the Dugma.

Credits: Dugma: The Button (00:32)

Credits: Dugma: The Button

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An intimate portrait of a group of very different suicide bombers working for Al Qaeda in Syria. From the Saudi who loves singing and fried chicken, to a 26-year-old white British convert who worries a lot about his new wife, this remarkable film embeds with an unlikely bunch of "martyrdom seekers," each waiting for their turn to go on a final mission, known by jihadis as “Dugma.”

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