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Inspiration for "Underground River" (04:40)


This piece is about a young girl trapped in a coma. Jane Comfort conceived the idea after recovering from a spinal operation and uses it as a metaphor for the life of an artist. Four dancers represent the protagonist and in the end she reclaims her artistic self.

"Underground River" Part One (04:38)

Watch the first portion of the performance. The music is created by Toshi Reagon and Hayden. (Credits)

"Underground River" Part Two (03:52)

Watch as four dancers work together to manipulate a puppet.

"Underground River" Part Three (06:03)

Continue watching the performance. Speakers pipe in sounds from doctors and parents.

"Underground River" Part Four (04:10)

Watch the performance. Speakers pipe in sounds from the doctors and parents. One by one the dancers refuse to participate.

"Underground River" Finale (05:04)

Watch the conclusion of the performance. The dancers continue to dance as the stage lights dim.

Credits: Jane Comfort: Alive and Kicking (00:57)

Credits: Jane Comfort: Alive and Kicking

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Jane Comfort: Alive & Kicking

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This program presents excerpts from Underground River choreographer/director Jane Comfort’s innovative dance-theater work about a girl in a coma. This work features 4 performers who dance, sing, and manipulate a fascinating puppet designed by master puppeteer Basil Twist. The work, which is performed to an original score by Toshi Reagon, won a 1998 New York Dance and Performance Award. With an excerpt from a interview with the artist.

Length: 31 minutes

Item#: BVL118147

ISBN: 978-1-63521-395-9

Copyright date: ©1998

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