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Jamaican Storyteller (03:05)


Thomas Osha Pinnock was nurtured by his grandmother in Jamaica and his wife Ayoka Chenriza. He uses drums as a metaphor for the residual experience of Africa in his work. He mixes drums, dance, and storytelling into his performance art.

Oral Tradition (02:22)

Pinnock incorporates elements from different regions of the world: Europe, Africa, Caribbean, and China. He calls it "reggae Africa theater and dance." His latest production "Reggae Boogie Talk Show" includes stories of heroes, ancestors, fatherhood, Mr. Bungoman, Ashanti myth, and Anansi.

Telling Stories (03:06)

Pocomania tradition includes a type of breathing used to locate one's true essence. Pinnock describes how he employs rhythms and gestures into his storytelling techniques.

"Reggae Boogie Talk Show" Part One (02:13)

Pinnock greets the audience and insists upon speaking with the ancestors before telling a story. This excerpt was performed at The Kitchen in New York City in the year 2000.

"Reggae Boogie Talk Show" Part Two (05:52)

Watch as Pinnock continues the story accompanied by music is composed by Bill Laswell.

"Reggae Boogie Talk Show": Part Three (07:15)

Pinnock tells a story about Mr. Bungoman who lived on a hill in Jamaica. His daughter Aija walks 2.5 miles to school and attracts an alligator's attention. As she walks home, she encounters a cat, which gets swept into the river— Aija swims after it. The alligator chases after them.

"Reggae Boogie Talk Show": Part Four (04:31)

The cat and Aija reach a rock. Mr. Bungoman lassos the alligator's mouth, ties it to a tree, and rescues Aija and the cat. Pinnock concludes with a sing-a-long.

Credit: Jamaican Storyteller And Thomas Osha Pinnock: Alive and Kicking (00:29)

Credit: Jamaican Storyteller And Thomas Osha Pinnock: Alive and Kicking

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The island of Jamaica comes alive in this program featuring Jamaican Storyteller/Performer Thomas Osha Pinnock in an excerpt from his solo show, Reggae Boogie Talk Show. In this program the artist illuminates, in a heartfelt and charming manner, folk tales and myths from his homeland. Using an array of voices for the characters, inventive movement and music Pinnock brings to life the spirit of Reggae culture. Recorded in 2000 at The Kitchen in New York City. This program also features excerpts from an interview with the artist.

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