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Lifelong Passion (03:12)


Rick Davis introduces filmmaker Lance Kramer who makes films about diverse communities. Kramer and his brother have been using video cameras to tell stories since childhood. His life experiences and jobs helped him become a better filmmaker.

Community Media (04:04)

Kramer discusses the collaborative nature of filmmaking and how community media has changed since its beginnings as public access television. Community members are the story telling experts and the filmmakers are the facilitators.

"The Donor" and "Voices from Within" (06:36)

Kramer explains how the two films came to be made; see clips from each. Allowing patients behind the camera gives them a sense of ownership in the film.

Challenges of Participatory Filmmaking (02:02)

Kramer discusses the importance of building trust and relationships with the storyteller. When it comes to distribution, he finds that pop-up screenings can be more effective than YouTube.

"Shauna's Hope" (03:33)

Kramer explains the premise of this film; see a clip. Kramer questioned why he was chosen to make the documentary.

Technology Advancement and Documentaries (01:52)

Kramer discusses his involvement in the Hackathon at Silverdocs and his interest in how the internet can facilitate nonlinear storytelling.

Filmmaking in D.C. (02:01)

Kramer's family has been in the D.C. area for four generations. He explains why he loves the area and how it lends itself to excellence in nonfiction media.

Would You Consider Branching Out? (01:39)

Kramer runs a small company and feels he and his team can do the most good by focusing on the D.C. community.

Favorite Documentary (01:27)

Kramer discusses the 1963 inspirational film, "Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment." The observational film is from the perspectives of the attorney general, a governor, and the president.

"Green Corps" (01:34)

Kramer discusses his current project about individuals that have been impacted by a green job training program that was created through the ARRA.

Credits: Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Lance Kramer—How to Make It In Film (00:58)

Credits: Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Lance Kramer—How to Make It In Film

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Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Lance Kramer—How to Make It In Film

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Lance Kramer is a co-founder of Meridian Hill Picture; a platform for producing independent social impact documentaries, commissioned films with leading nonprofit organizations, and innovative media arts education programs. In 2014, Kramer accepted the Mayor's Arts Award in Innovation, the highest honor given to a working artist in Washington, DC.

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