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Fines' Background (03:15)


Rick Davis introduces Holly and Paul Fine and cites their achievements. The Fines describe their path from psychology and business majors in college, to filmmaking.

Early Work (02:34)

Paul discusses the connection between still photography and motion photography. Holly describes the first work she and Paul did together; they began dating at that time.

Career Influences (03:17)

The Fines identify the most influential people they worked with in their careers. Paul describes working with Mike Wallace.

Balancing Work and Home (02:42)

The Fines discuss how they manage their personal and professional relationships.

Conflict Resolution (01:51)

The main film disagreements between Holly and Paul may occur at the start of a project, but they are generally in sync. Holly says that an editor can teach a cameraman how to shoot.

Recreation Documentary (04:11)

The Fines worked on "The Saving of the President" in 1982. They discuss filming this type of documentary, the controversy surrounding the film, and present day recreations.

Family Legacy (02:19)

The Fines reflect on their son's path to documentary filmmaking and the way he and his wife treat those with whom they work.

Respecting Subjects (02:08)

The Fines discuss how they approach the people that the documentary is about; trust is very important. Paul considers himself "a guest in their house."

Award Winning Filmmakers (02:04)

Holly identifies two awards that are the most meaningful. Paul received a firefighter's helmet from Engine Company 16 after filming "We're No Heroes." The couple considers what they would be if they were not filmmakers.

Fun Documentaries (01:28)

The Fines identify the films they found the most fun to work on.

Credits: Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Holly & Paul Fine—How to Make It In Film (00:57)

Credits: Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Holly & Paul Fine—How to Make It In Film

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Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Holly & Paul Fine—How to Make It In Film

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Holly and Paul Fine are a husband and wife team of documentary producer/directors. Their works garnered 10 National Emmy and 75 Local Emmy awards, in addition to four Peabody awards. The couple had a long association with the CBS news program 60 Minutes and produced a number of television specials including In the Killing Fields of America. After leaving CBS, the Fines signed with ABC to produce specials for the hit series: 20/20, Turning Point and Primetime Live.

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