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D'Andrea's Background (03:02)


Christian D'Andrea obtained degrees from Harvard and Oxford University before pursuing a film career. Richard Attenborough selected him to apprentice on "In Love and War." Afterwards, D'Andrea flew to Los Angeles and became an agent.

D' Andrea's Career (03:05)

D' Andrea wanted to write, direct, and produce, but thought he needed more knowledge on the business side of filmmaking so he worked in the mailroom at International Creative Management (ICM) for six months. On the set of "Halo: Freefall Warriors," the family realized they could create a business supplying the military with performance nutrition.

"HALO: Freefall Warriors": Film Clip (03:01)

HALO stands for High Altitude Low Opening— Special Forces parachute out of a plane behind enemy lines. The film follows the training of these soldiers. Watch a clip where men prepare for a night jump.

Filming on Set (02:45)

D'Andrea enjoyed filming the moments before a soldier jumped out of the plane. One of the instructors died during filming. D'Andrea felt it important to capture the soldier and family's reactions to the fatality as a tribute without being intrusive.

Advice for Pursuing a Film Career (02:23)

D'Andrea recommends double majoring in college. Become a story finder to excel in the film industry. He advocates finding the moments that resonate within the human heart.

"Making Army Chaplains": Film Clip (04:06)

D'Andrea feels that the men and women who serve in the military are America's best citizens. "Searching for God in Iraq" is a six-part series, describing whether people in Iraq still believe in god. Watch a clip where people who want to become chaplains learn how to become soldiers.

"Searching for God in Iraq" (02:53)

D'Andrea will use "Making Army Chaplains" as a promotional piece geared toward pitching the six-episode series to cable networks like Discovery. He considers what drives Chaplains to go into war-torn areas. D'Andrea finds soldiers are skeptical they will be portrayed well.

Questions from the Students: Part Two (03:31)

D'Andrea received positive feedback from families of soldiers about the soldier fuel bars. Recently, he completed a feature film based on his experiences at HALO training camp. The writer's strike stopped the film from being pitched.

Moving into Feature Films (02:51)

D'Andrea finds the transition to features easy because of his experience working at Miramax. He explains that every time an individual switches focus, he or she loses 20 minutes of productivity.

Credits: Documentary Filmmaker: Film & TV Christian D’Andrea—How to Make It In Film (00:55)

Christian D’Andrea—How to Make It In Film

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In this video, Rick Davis interviews Christian D’Andrea, a documentary television producer whose credits include HALO: Freefall Warriors and Searching for God in Iraq. He co-developed an energy bar for soldiers and civilians called SoldierFuel™. Topics include D'Andrea's background, working in a talent agency, producing military documentaries, and advice for students. Learn how industry professionals became successful in the How to Make It in Film series shot at George Mason University.

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