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LeNguyen's Background (02:17)


Rick Davis introduces Cuong LeNguyen. LeNguyen graduated from George Mason University, attended the New York Film Academy, and worked for a web company before turning to video production. He became an editor for Richfield Productions.

Freelance Career (02:34)

LeNguyen decided to work in the private sector in D.C.; he reflects on "growing up" personally and professionally. LeNguyen decided to go freelance during a downturn in the economy in hopes that he would do well once the economy recovered.

Demo Reel (04:46)

See a reel of LeNguyen's work. He discusses his client diversity and what to consider when making a demo reel to attract more business.

Career Preparation and Influences (02:24)

LeNguyen is glad he attended Mason and the New York Film Academy. He states that Los Angeles and New York are the best places to be to work in visual effects, motion graphics, and video production. He considers what director/cinematographer most influenced his work.

Vietnam Experience (03:47)

LeNguyen returned to Vietnam around 2002 and shot footage wherever he went; see a video trailer.

Cinematography (02:03)

LeNguyen sees beauty in most things. He discusses the relationship between motion and still photography; the skill sets are not always transferable. LeNguyen defines "nose room."

Career Direction (03:05)

LeNguyen is trying to keep pace with CGI. He explains how he got started in motion graphics and how fine art feeds into his film work.

Industry Tools and Control (01:23)

LeNguyen's favorite programs are After Effects and Final Cut. He discusses his level of creative control when working on a client's project.

Freelance Success (04:17)

The economy has not significantly impacted LeNguyen's business. He spends half of his time soliciting business; good client relationships are essential for success.

Credits: Cinematographer: Documentary, Comedy & News Cuong LeNguyen—How to Make It In Film (00:56)

Credits: Cinematographer: Documentary, Comedy & News Cuong LeNguyen—How to Make It In Film

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Cinematographer: Documentary, Comedy & News Cuong LeNguyen—How to Make It In Film

Part of the Series : How to Make It In Film
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Cuong Lenguyen was the cinematographer, producer, and director for Arlington Public Schools in Virginia, co-producing and editing the series, Claro! English for Parents. LeNguyen is Senior Motion Graphics Designer at Home Front Communications in Washington, D.C. creating commercials, PSAs, and high-end videos for a wide range of commercial, non-profit, and government organizations (Animal Planet, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).

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