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Getting into Television (04:06)


Rick Davis welcomes television writer, producer, and consultant Aaron Peters. Inspired by NBC sitcoms "Friends" and "Seinfeld," Peters interned with "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in the script department. "MadTV" was his first show as a credited writer.

Freelance Script Writing (03:09)

Peters started writing episodes for "Just Shoot Me" with a writing partner—a relationship he compares to marriage. He discusses the process of delegating work and collaborating on scenes.

"Modern Men" Clip (03:52)

Peters and his writing partner were having relationship challenges when they wrote this episode, showing three vignettes in which the main characters have romance issues. The show was on the WB, and was canceled during a merger with UPN.

Working in Reality TV (01:35)

Peters compares writing for television networks to creating unscripted episodes with real people.

"Mr. Justice and Powerful Girl" Clip (04:59)

Peters introduces a reality TV clip in which characters fancying themselves as superheroes need therapy. Successful producers know when to turn on the cameras and how to make subjects comfortable.

QA: Networking in the Film Industry (00:54)

Peters says that having connections can help promote projects, but talent is ultimately the key to success.

QA: Script Writing in TV vs. Film (00:43)

As a script writer, Peters has control over television episodes, whereas directors control films.

QA: Shooting Reality TV Scenes (01:18)

Peters explains his intentions to participants prior to filming them in their daily lives

QA: Comedy Writing (00:56)

Peters learned to write comedy from his parents, from other writers, and by watching standup comedy.

QA: Comedy Evolution (01:05)

Peters discusses how internet technology and social media have lowered the entry barriers to making successful comedy and gaining an audience.

Becoming a Producer (01:27)

Peters explains that producing is a natural evolution from writing; producers do some writing as well as managing a staff.

Credits: Scriptwriter For TV: Aaron Peters—How to Make It In Film (00:51)

Credits: Scriptwriter For TV: Aaron Peters—How to Make It In Film

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Scriptwriter For TV: Aaron Peters—How to Make It In Film

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In this video, Rick Davis interviews comedy script writer and producer Aaron Peters. Peters wrote, consulted on, or produced over 150 episodes of broadcasted television, including Fox's The Simple Life; CBS' My Big, Fat Greek Life; NBC's Just Shoot Me; and MTV's The Tom Green Show and The Andy Dick Show. Covering all aspects of the filmmaking process, this program is designed to teach students what it takes to make it in the business. 

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