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Getting Started in the Film Industry (03:35)


Rick Davis welcomes script writer, actor, director, and musician Lyn Vaus. Vaus responded to an ad for scripts by Al Pacino's production company; his script was optioned but not produced. He has acted in films, but prefers the anonymity of writing.

Music Career (04:03)

Vaus appreciates the immediacy of music, compared to the slow pace of filmmaking. He discusses making a music video referencing the 1960s with the "Next Stop, Wonderland" director. He compares music and film in terms of harmonizing elements and pacing.

Script Writing Rituals (02:10)

Vaus writes every day, whether or not he feels inspired. He stops himself before writing something he knows he will have to re-write.

"Temptation" Clip (03:29)

View a scene from Vaus' low budget film, in which Elisabeth Moss' character reunites with her mother, played by Annette O'Toole.

Attacking Windmills (02:43)

Vaus was inspired by "Don Quixote" to write the "Temptation" screenplay, in which a feminist wants to reform the pornographic industry. He used camera techniques echoing the Dogme 95 film movement and shot the film in 18 days.

QA: Project Completion (01:23)

Vaus discusses financial and time pressure involved in script writing. He would like to take time off, but cannot turn down offers.

QA: Common Screenwriting Mistakes (00:43)

Vaus says finishing scripts does not equate finishing projects; re-writing and editing are important parts of the process.

QA: Choosing Projects (01:06)

After "Next Stop, Wonderland" sold at Sundance for $7 million, Vaus turned down offers to write romantic comedies. He believes he will fail if he works on films that do not interest him.

"Siegfried and Roy" (02:41)

Vaus discusses working on a biographical documentary about the magician duo. He became interested in their family backgrounds, but was not allowed to state directly that their parents were Nazis.

"Siegfried and Roy" Clip (02:08)

View a scene from Vaus' biographical documentary of the magician duo in which Siegfried shows his depressed father his first magic trick.

Response to "Siegfried and Roy" and Future Projects (02:50)

Vaus talks about the mafia-like producers of the biographical documentary. The subjects were moved by the film. His next project is a follow-up musical to "Next Stop, Wonderland."

Credits: Scriptwriter For Film: Lyn Vaus—How to Make It In Film (00:54)

Credits: Scriptwriter For Film: Lyn Vaus—How to Make It In Film

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Scriptwriter For Film: Lyn Vaus—How to Make It In Film

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Lyn Vaus, screenwriter, is best known for his award winning Miramax romantic comedy Next Stop Wonderland. Vaus began his career as a story editor for a production company in Hollywood and also served as scriptwriter and director for the biographical documentary, Siegfried and Roy. Covering all aspects of the filmmaking process, this program is designed to teach students what it takes to make it in the business.

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