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Business Owner (05:21)


Aden supplies and supports IT systems for small to medium businesses. He worked 2 1/2 years in IT systems before starting his own fledgling company. Hear about his new online company and how he spends a typical day.

Assistant Video Games Producer (05:30)

Assistant Producer, Tom discusses the process of producing games. He talks about the business and computing skills needed for his job and the importance of good math and English. Hear about his responsibilities and how the production team stays organized.

Development Director (05:53)

Glen, aged 27, manages the business aspect of games development at Electronic Arts. His roles include strategy, budgeting, anticipating recruitment needs, working with the overseas team responsible for translating the game into different languages, and the QA testing team.

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Working with Business Administration

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In this video, three young people talk about their work in business administration including education, skills needed, challenges, and what they enjoy about their jobs. Arden received on-the-job training before starting his own IT systems company from his bedroom. As a video game producer, Tom works with each department from conception through manufacturing. Glen discusses the business aspect of video game development. 

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