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Introductions: Campaign Essentials Nine Days in New Hampshire (02:51)


New Hampshire practices "retail politics." This episode will focus on the nine days leading up to the 2004 primary. John Kerry wins the Iowa Caucuses. (Credits)

Seven Days to Election (02:06)

Laura Knoy interviews each candidate three times. The first focuses on biographical information, the second a candidate's political platform, and the third detailed questions about the economy, terrorism, and healthcare. Each live conversation lasts an hour.

Making Candidates Comfortable (02:12)

Knoy spends five minutes with each candidate prior to the interview to establish rapport. Watch excerpts of interviews with Howard Dean and John Kerry. When she worked as a reporter in Washington D.C., it was hard to get politicians to come in for an interview.

Scream Heard Round the World (02:27)

Dean struggles to regain momentum in his campaign and control the crowd at a local rally. At a Kerry benefit concert, voters are turned away because the room is at capacity. Carole King sings "Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow?"

Six Days to Election (03:16)

Kristin Sullivan hosts a political house party for John Edwards. She and Pamela Youngkin call undecided voters to convince them to vote for their candidate. Sullivan describes New Hampshire grassroots politics.

Five Days to Election (03:53)

Because Edwards is late for his final interview, Knoy plays a speech he gave at the Manchester Public Library. Station producers try to weed out undesirable questions, but a question about medical marijuana slips through. Knoy teases Dennis Kucinich about his dating life while running for president.

Bill Clinton and Paul Tsongas (04:05)

As photo editor for the "Concord Monitor," Dan Habib captures images of the candidates on the campaign trail. Because he establishes a good rapport with the campaign managers, he receives more access to the nominees than other photographers.

Four Days to Election (03:21)

As Secretary of State, Bill Gardner overseas the New Hampshire Primary— this year there are 37 candidates for president. The filing period lasted 19 days and each applicant must pay $1,000 fee. John Kerry filed his petition seven hours before the deadline.

Supervised Seven Primaries (02:36)

Candidates file for the 2004 primary and explain why they like to campaign in New Hampshire. Jimmy Carter was considered a fringe candidate when he started campaigning. No one has won the presidential election without winning the New Hampshire primary or carrying the state in the election.

Three Days to Election (02:38)

Maron Levesque attends a Kerry rally to ask him about Central American Free Trade Agreement and the Patriot Act. Teachers explain how to bird-dog a candidate. Lieberman visits Concord High.

Levesque Asks Questions (02:51)

Levesque asks John Edwards for specific details that will not allow a vague answer. At the Kerry rally, she asks about racial profiling. Kerry has a double digit lead in local tracking polls.

Two Days to Election (03:45)

Rev. David Jones preaches to his parishioners about the election. The staff of the "Concord Monitor" meets to decide on an endorsement, debating between Wes Clark, Dean, Kerry, and Edwards. Kerry uses the endorsement in his advertising— Martin Sheen introduces Dean at a rally.

One Day to Election (03:38)

Lieberman's campaign forgets to notify the media of an unscheduled delay. Candidates talk about why they like retail politics and begin their final push before the primary. Edwards explains how much he grew and learned from the citizens of New Hampshire.

Election Day (04:31)

Volunteers vow to uphold the law at the polling places— citizens describe their concerns and cast their ballots. New Hampshire requires a paper record for each vote cast. John Kerry wins New Hampshire.

Credits: Campaign Essentials: Nine Days in New Hampshire (00:30)

Credits: Campaign Essentials: Nine Days in New Hampshire

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In this documentary, democratic candidates practice retail politics during the nine days between the 2004 Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Presidential primary. Produced by New York Times Television for Discovery Times Channel.

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