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Primate Characteristics (03:53)


Many characteristics are related to the evolutionary history of primates and their arboreal lifestyle; primary modifications occur in the skull and hands. The 400 primate species are divided into lower primates and higher primates; Madagascar lemurs are the main group of lower primates. Robert Martin identifies key primate characteristics.

Primate Adaptations (04:25)

All primates share characteristics that accommodate an arboreal lifestyle. Primates developed adaptations specialized for various environments. Martin discusses four types of primate locomotion.

Primate Classification (04:49)

Merrilee Guenther identifies characteristics of prosimians and anthropoids; prosimians included lemurs and tarsiers while anthropoids include platyrrhini and catarrhini. Robert Martin identifies ape features, many of which are seen in humans.

Primate Social Behavior (04:27)

Behavior is often a balance between cooperation and competition. Guenther considers altruism vs. learned behavior and identifies social structures in primate groups. Martin discusses why primates live in groups and identifies primate social systems.

Primate Cultural Behaviors (04:15)

Resources often dictate cultural behaviors and size of a group; resources can change over time causing division or migration. Martin states that "cultural" activities are uncommon but do occur. He cites activities of the Japanese macaque and chimpanzees.

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This film reviews the characteristics that differentiate primate species and looks at adaptations that influenced geographic distribution, habits, diet, teeth, and locomotion. The presentation highlights primate classifications including prosimians, anthropoids, and hominoids, and considers social and cultural behaviors among primates.

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