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Origins of Anthropology (04:20)


Anthropology is the study of humans from a biological and social perspective using methods from several sciences. Merrilee Guenther explains that the science was born from the discovery of pre-modern human fossils and interest in other cultures. Robert Martin distinguishes biological and social anthropology.

Physical Anthropology vs. Cultural Anthropology (03:43)

Biological anthropology has a strong connection with evolution whereas social anthropology draws from social sciences. Guenther and Martin discuss the methods and applications of both sciences.

Archaeological Methods (04:31)

Archaeology is the study of humans through skeletal remains, fossils, and preserved artifacts using techniques such as mapping and excavation. Guenther explains ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology. Martin states that archaeology asks questions about former societies; excavation in context is important.

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Introduction to Physical Anthropology: Physical Anthropology and Archaeology Methods

Part of the Series : Introduction to Physical Anthropology
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This film provides an introduction to the history of anthropology as a discipline and explains how physical and cultural anthropology differ. Examine the archaeological methods anthropologist use including artifact collection, ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, and the grid system.

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