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Exceptionally Long Life (03:44)


Human beings have an average 80 year lifespan, but scientists are finding out new ways to alter lifespans by studying people who live longer than average. Reporter Anja Taylor visits 98 year old Sol Rosenkranz with Nurse Debbie Trock of the Longevity Genes Project.

Regulating the Rate of Aging (03:28)

Researchers look for genetic variants that protect for diseases of aging, particularly those that protect for multiple diseases. Ashkenazi Jews are unique because their genetics trace to a small population and they continue to marry within their group, giving them similar DNA that makes them useful for studying.

Rapid and Extraordinary Effects (04:11)

NAD is responsible for the production of energy in the body, which gradually declines with aging. Dr. Lindsay Wu shows the results of an experiment on rats involving a supplement that makes post-menopausal rats produce young egg cells. The supplement could theoretically protect from diseases like Alzheimer's and allow women to have children for longer.

New Revolution (03:19)

Traditionally, drugs have been developed to fight individual diseases, but now, drugs that fight aging are on the rise. Evidence exists suggesting that Metformin, a drug used to treat diabetes, delays mortality and prevents disease.

Trade Off Between Group and Reproduction (02:44)

Villagers in the mountains of Ecuador are affected with Laron's syndrome, the same condition that causes dwarfism in mice. These villagers do not suffer from diabetes and only one of those affected with Laron's has gotten cancer in the 35 years they have been studied.

Inhibiting Growth for Protection (02:31)

Villagers with Laron's syndrome do not response to growth hormones, which may protect their genes. Anja Taylor goes on a five-day fast developed by Dr. Valter Longo in order to inhibit growth signals in the body.

Increased Health and Lifespan (02:14)

Mice in Dr. Valter Longo's lab who fasted periodically had higher bone density, longer lifespans, and remained healthier longer in life. Two days into Taylor's fast, the body begins breaking down fats.

Protecting Against Aging (05:25)

Taylor receives her blood test results following the fast designed by Longo. A third of her white blood cells were removed, which means cells in her immune system died off, though they were unimportant cells.

Credits: Live Long, Die Young: Catalyst (00:36)

Credits: Live Long, Die Young: Catalyst

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By uncovering the genetic secrets of humans and animals that live unusually long lives, scientists are finding extraordinary ways to wind back our cellular clocks. Lab experiments show it’s now possible to fight the four major diseases of old age, reverse muscle aging, and rejuvenate egg cells by altering the biological pathways of ageing.  Anja Taylor investigates one of these methods achieving extraordinary results in just five days. Could this be the key to a long and healthy life?

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