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Exercise Medical Clinic (03:58)


Specific exercises are being prescribed to people with cancer. Patients undergo chemotherapy then visit an exercise clinic immediately. Evidence suggests that exercise helps the body destroy tumor cells.

Combining Chemo and Exercise (03:17)

Natalie Mathews was diagnosed with breast cancer and was prescribed exercise. Under the direction of exercise physiologists, cancer patients complete carefully tailored exercise programs.

Improved Well Being (03:10)

Mathews was able to complete a four kilometer fundraising walk during her treatment; other patients in the exercise program showed similar signs of strength. People usually lose muscle mass in chemotherapy, but the people in the exercise program did not— some even gained muscle mass. Side effects of chemo were also decreased.

Importance of Maintaining Muscle Mass (02:14)

Eighteen months after his tumor diagnosis, Robyn Williams speaks to Jonica Newby about his chemotherapy experience. He was hospitalized for five weeks and had an extremely bad experience.

Exercise and Natural Killer Cells (03:12)

Exercise increases blood flow, allowing treatment to penetrate into tumors. This is why exercising and receiving chemotherapy on the same day is effective.

Results in Varied Cancer Models (03:29)

A Denmark study on mice with cancer found that the mice that exercised had a reduction in tumor growth of up to 70 percent. Adrenaline produced during exercise released natural killer cells into the blood stream.

New Lease on Life (03:06)

Patients taking anti-androgen medicines were prescribed three different types of exercise. Lee Giampietro was assigned impact training three years ago while battling prostate cancer and exercise prevented loss of bone density.

Limited and Ongoing Scientific Trial (02:45)

Exercise increases survival rate and has zero side effects— it needs to become an integral piece of cancer treatment. Mathews is sure exercise alleviated her suffering.

Credits: Exercise and Cancer: Catalyst (00:29)

Credits: Exercise and Cancer: Catalyst

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By the time you hit midlife, odds are you or someone close to you will be touched by cancer. Cancer remains a potentially lethal lottery and everyone’s experience is different. But appropriate exercise under professional supervision—before, during, or after treatment—seems to substantially improve your odds. Catalyst meets a group of cancer patients that is experiencing extraordinary benefits from prescribed targeted exercise programs.

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