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Power Revolution (03:56)


Over a million Australian homes are expected to begin using home batteries in the next five years. Josh Byrne has already installed one in his house, making a drastic difference in his power usage.

Tech Savvy Australia (03:42)

Lithium ion batteries became widely used as cell phone technology developed. These batteries were further developed and slightly altered to produce safer batteries for electric cars, which are now on the way to becoming the basis for home batteries.

Energy Use Expectations (02:41)

Experts envision most homeowners opting for one of three scenarios regarding home batteries. Some people will opt off of the grid altogether, while some people will simply use the grid for backup, while others will use batteries to reduce energy costs while still drawing from the grid.

Australia's National Grid (03:33)

Home battery systems cost around $10,000 and are expected to drop in price by 2020 so that mainstream consumers are more likely to purchase them. South Australia is predicted to take off sooner in the purchasing of home batteries.

Power Sale Models (03:23)

There are three major grids in the Australia that make up the largest interconnected power system in the world. A careful balance prevents blackouts.

Complex Grid Management (03:40)

Batteries allow for power storage which will assist in storing power when more is produced than needed, one of the reasons why the Australian government is subsidizing home batteries. Dr. Jonica Newby explores the site of a new building development that will be run by batteries.

A Thousand Wild Horses (02:54)

An entire suburb in Alkimos Beach will be built utilizing a battery called the mega battery that should be able to power 100 households per day. The community-level lithium battery storage will be the first to be tried in an urban development.

Batteries in the Fabric of Buildings (04:14)

Dr. Thomas Maschmeyer has invented a battery using a gel to transport charged particles that has several ground-breaking advantages. As the glitches in home battery systems are ironed out by early pioneers in the technology, 24-hour renewable power remains the goal.

Credits: Battery Powered Homes: Catalyst (00:37)

Credits: Battery Powered Homes: Catalyst

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There’s a power revolution heading for our homes— a device that allows you to take power into your own hands. It’s batteries, home batteries, and they’ve been called the holy grail of renewables— the key to the transition away from fossil fuels. Within five years, over a million Australian homes are expected to have one. So what do you need to know about this disruptive technology— a technology that offers every home the potential for 24 hour renewable power?  In this much anticipated Catalyst special, Dr. Jonica Newby gives us the A to Z of home batteries— how they work, why you will want one, how they will change the way we consume electricity, and what they mean for the future of the nation’s and the world’s power generation.

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