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Introduction to Kids on Speed (02:38)


Seven percent of the population is afflicted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Mark Dadds attempts to re-train parents and treat problem children in a nine week program. (Credits)

Six Weeks In (03:03)

Emily, Samuel, and Corey's families have seen improvement, but James and Seth still pose problems. Dr. Dadds realizes that Emma must address underlying issues from her own upbringing or the behavioral therapy will not succeed.

Week 7: Fine Tuning Praise and Discipline (03:28)

Dr. Dadds meets with Emma and Ryan to discuss Seth's progress. Emma reveals her background and admits how guilty she feels about Seth's behavior.

Noticeable Improvement (02:13)

Corey has been diagnosed with ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety, and possible autism; he needed to be taken out of school because he was a danger to himself and others. Parent assisted therapy in conjunction with drugs achieved rapid results. Kathryn wonders about her self-worth now that Corey has improved.

Calming Down After Conflict (02:31)

Kathryn feels the medication has helped— Dr. Dadds explains that her parenting skills are also helping. They schedule another play-date with family friends. Corey becomes upset when he feels he is unfairly blamed for hurting the other two children.

Anti-Anxiety Medication (02:13)

Dr. Michael Kohn prescribes a longer form of Ritalin, which should not make Corey so lethargic and queasy. Kathryn is shocked when she tells Corey to go to bed, he does as he is told and turns off the bathroom light on the way to his room. The Australian government does not provide any aid to parents with children who suffer from ADHD.

Making Progress ADHD (02:02)

Dr. Samantha Hornery is pleased with the progress of Emily and Samuel's learning. Emily reads long sentences and Samuel can count to sixty.

Home Life Still Difficult (02:23)

Darrell impresses Dr. Dadds when he gives Samuel a time out. When Samuel calms down, Darrell retrieves him.

Struggling to Implement Discipline (02:15)

Janine is frustrated because the children do not immediately behave after she puts them in a time out. After a few minutes, they do calm down and Darrell gives her a high five. Later, Janine plays with Emily and Samuel.

Minimizing Chaos (02:50)

Experts review and reconsider James initial diagnosis. Dr. Kohn recommends medication for untreated ADHD, but Dr. Dadds also thinks more parental intervention is needed; he explains the change in treatment to Stuart and Leila.

Week 8: Reinforcing Change (03:16)

Dr. Dadds and Dr. Kohn describe the risks and rewards of using medication to treat ADHD. Emma works to control her emotions when Seth antagonizes her.

Problematic Behavior at School (02:36)

The same day Seth receives a medal for the most improved reader, the principal threatens to kick him out of remedial class for problem behavior. Emma is furious and Dr. Dadds calms her down.

Corey Returns to Karate (02:01)

Kathryn and Jade give Corey some coping strategies to use if he becomes angry at karate then role play some potential situations.

At Karate Practice (02:07)

Dr. Dadds is impressed. Corey enjoys the practice and is cheered on by the class. Kathryn is shocked that the drug and coping strategies work so well.

Morning Routine With ADHD (03:09)

Getting Emily and Samuel ready in the morning is the toughest part of the day. Dr. Dadds tells Janine to play a game called "beat the buzzer." Emily and Samuel receive stickers each time they complete a task before the buzzer sounds.

Making a Discipline Plan (02:02)

Stuart and Leila have not decided whether to employ drug therapy for James. Leila confronts Stuart when he does not engage in an activity and asks him to undertake additional responsibility.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and ADHD (02:09)

Seth needs a sleep study and Dr. Kohn examines him. Dr. Hornery remains calm after Seth sleeps poorly and acts out. She recommends Emma hold off on any additional education support at this time.

Time for Parents to Reconnect (03:34)

Home life has improved for Seth since his parents began focusing on his good behavior. Stuart forms a band to involve the family with his passion for music; James plays the drums. Leila and Stuart decide to start giving James Ritalin.

Week 9: Relapse Prevention (01:52)

The families gather for a retreat. James has regressed since beginning medication. Dr. Dadds explains the role of high emotions in the home.

Corey's Transformation (01:58)

Dr. Hornery works with the children on a presentation. Corey discusses how he has changed over the past nine weeks. Kathryn enrolls Corey in a weekly get together with other home schooled children.

Improved Behavior and Life Satisfaction (02:57)

Seth is now reading at level 10 and his mother is proud. Emily and Samuel describe improvements they have made at school.

Need for Further Observation (02:48)

James reads a poem. Dr. Kohn explains that he spoke with Stuart and Leila and they decided to try medication again. The family performs at the retreat. Dr. Dadds summarizes the series.

Credits: Kids on Speed: Episode 3 (00:48)

Credits: Kids on Speed: Episode 3

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As the series comes to an end, all of the families come together for a weekend relapse prevention retreat. Each child has been asked to get up on stage and share what he or she has learned over the course of the program.

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