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Introduction to Kids on Speed (02:31)


Seven percent of the population is afflicted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Mark Dadds attempts to re-train parents and treat problem children in a nine week program. (Credits)

Week Three (02:03)

ADHD experts Dr. Dadds, Dr. Michael Kohn, and Dr. Samantha Hornery have diagnosed the children. Doctors believe James is emotionally immature for his age and diagnose him with ODD.

Week Four: Descriptive Behavior (03:53)

Dr. Dadds realizes that Leila and Stuart are not working as a team. He gives them homework to positively reinforce good behavior and minimize negative reactions. When James starts acting up again, Stuart capitulates and leaves the room.

Onset of ODD (02:14)

When ADHD goes untreated, it can cause operational defiant disorder. Dr. Dadds explains how Emily started to lose self-esteem and suffer anxiety because of her ADHD. The last time Emily took Ritalin she became ill, hid her pills, and washed them down the sink.

Medication and Temper Tantrum (02:34)

Janine and Darrell meet with Dr. Kohn to discuss putting Emily and Samuel on Ritalin. He puts the parents at ease by explaining that he will start both children on a low dose, and gradually build up.

Mild ADHD (02:29)

Dr. Kohn believes the risks and side effects of Ritalin have been sensationalized. Dr. Dadds describes how Emma and Ryan need to learn different parenting strategies to make Seth behave.

Descriptive Behavior Lesson (02:38)

Dr. Dadds believes that Seth's behavior could change quickly with a positive reward system. Seth puts away a toy at Emma's request and receives positive attention, but things deteriorate during a reading lesson. Emma says she and Ryan are committed to the program.

Home Schooling (02:19)

Corey exhibits many disorders including autism. While Dr. Kahn recommends low dose medication, Kathryn and Jade want to try coping mechanisms first. Dr. Dadds is encouraged by the progress.

Assessing Educational Health (03:38)

Dr. Hornery is concerned that homeschooling may not be meeting all of Corey's needs. She determines he is not ready to go back to school and Kathryn is doing an excellent job parenting him.

Parenting Program at Emily and Samuel's House (02:15)

Dr. Dadds explains that an unpredictable reward system is better than constant positive reinforcement because in the latter the child becomes bored. James' behavior has improved because Stuart is more involved.

Evaluating Emily and Samuel (02:02)

Dr. Hornery assesses Emily and Samuel to see if the medication helps. Both children have improved and she recommends a game based approach to learning with Emily.

Evaluating Seth (02:04)

Seth's remedial reading teacher writes a note telling Emma and Ryan that Seth refused to do any reading today. Dr. Dadds believes that Dr. Kohn might be able to help from a pediatric standpoint.

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (02:42)

Stuart and James spend the day selling DVDs— as a reward for good behavior the family gives him a drum set. Kathryn and Jade talk about Corey's suicidal thoughts after starting medication.

Importance of Parent Training (02:15)

Kathryn and Jade decide to try medication for Corey again. Dr. Kohn prescribes Ritalin and Risperdal. Kathryn describes how much Corey improves on Ritalin.

Emily Meets with Dr. Kohn (03:55)

Emily's lost weight because Ritalin diminishes appetite. When Dr. Hornery assesses Seth he starts well, but then regresses into negative behavior. Dr. Dadds explains that Emma and Ryan cannot promise a reward if Seth behaves well— they need to recognize good behavior as it happens.

Program Mid-Point (03:10)

Dr. Dadds coaches the parents on how to effectively discipline their children; they role play to practice techniques. Janine and Darrell implement a time out with Samuel— it is effective.

Disciplining James (03:31)

Because James is making effective progress, Stuart and Leila are nervous about introducing discipline. Subodha Wimalaweera meets with James to try to brainstorm punishments James would be willing to accept. Dr. Kohn now feels that James does show symptoms of ADHD.

Homeschooling Progress (02:07)

Corey has a meltdown when asked to do homework, Kathryn disengages and repeats the request. Eventually he completes the school work. Dr. Dadds explains this is an important first step in getting Corey back into a school environment.

Expert Think Tank (02:45)

Dr. Hornery, Dr. Dadds, and Dr. Kohn meet to review their initial diagnoses and treatment progress. They are pleased with Emily, Samuel, and Corey's progress.

Seth and James (03:00)

Seth needs to wait six months before being assessed in a sleep study. Dr. Kohn believes that James might have untreated ADHD and recommends Ritalin to help with outbursts.

James Remains a Mystery (01:56)

James has regressed and his frustrated parents do not understand the change in behavior from a week ago. Watch a preview of the next episode.

Credits: Kids On Speed: Episode 2 (00:49)

Credits: Kids On Speed: Episode 2

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Three weeks into the nine-week intervention and the pressure is on. The experts put forward their diagnoses and recommended treatments. Prof. Mark Dadds attempts to change the way the parents reward and discipline their kids.

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