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AIDs Orphans in Mozambique (02:06)


Alcides Soares, age-16, he lives with a woman he calls his grandmother. She took him in after his parents died of AIDs. His sister lives nearby and he hopes to locate his brother who he has not seen in ten years.

Daily Life (02:00)

Soares usually wakes early in the morning, prays with his grandmother, does chores in the home, and the sells candy and lemons in the village. Every day he pushes his grandmother to church— she worries that when he marries, his wife will not want to live with her.

Reencontro (04:43)

The organization provided the children with cameras to document their lives and gave Soares a video camera. In Mozambique people discriminate against orphans whose parents died from AIDS. Irenio lives in a garbage dump and worries about providing for his four siblings— he is elated when he discovers he is HIV negative.

Remembering Parents (03:02)

Jermemias Cossa, 13, wants to become a photographer when he becomes an adult. Olinda, the head of Reencontro, takes him to visit his parents' graves. Orphans recall memories of their mothers.

Divorced Parents (02:54)

When his parents separated, Soares' mother moved with his brother to another village before she died. His sister Victoria wishes the three children could live together. His stepmother is HIV positive.

Financial Sponsorship (02:54)

After his father died, Soares got tested and discovered he was HIV negative. Soares' father was educated and worked as a security guard. Soares will call his Uncle Nando— Reencontro will pay for Soares to travel to his brother and bring him back to Maputo.

Tears of Joy (02:15)

Soares' brother lives with their grandparents in a distant village. Soares travels by airplane and car to be reunited with his family.

Leaving One Home for Another (02:03)

Soares visits and prays at his mother's grave. The brothers say goodbye to their grandparents and travel to Maputo.

Six Months After Being Reunited (02:10)

The siblings enjoy a meal together. Irenio stole cell phones and is now in prison— Irenio's sister Aguinalia moved away with her boyfriend. Jeremias is still hoping for a family.

Credits: Home Is Where You Find It: Films BYkids (01:08)

Credits: Home Is Where You Find It: Films BYkids

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Mentored by filmmakers Neal Baer and Chris Zalla, Alcides, a 16-year-old orphan living in Mozambique, conveys his inspiring story about finding family and how he and his young friends face hardship with dignity and resilience.

Length: 27 minutes

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