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Created by Eila Goldhahn, these three films share the unique and artistic ways of Goldhahn documenting the Discipline of Authentic Movement (or the MoverWitness exchange Goldhahn 2007) in a retreat setting. The practice takes place within a very simple score or frame. There is no music to inspire participants who close their eyes when they move. These women are educators, counsellors or therapists and most have gathered and moved together for a long time. Each year they have gathered on a remote island in Finland to retreat from their daily lives and contemplate and reflect through movement and speaking. Their work is deep, slow and considerate. They observe each other patiently and with compassion. Their movement arises out of stillness and spontaneous impulses of body and mind. Sensory, emotional and aesthetic experiences reverberate through these pieces. The circle of Authentic Movement is always held by one or two constant, experienced witnesses, in this case by Marcia Plevin, a long-term teacher of this group, and by Goldhahn who is filming at the same time. Dr Eila Goldhahn is an artist and researcher using film, performance and installation. She is also a dance movement therapist and has been practicing and teaching the Discipline of Authentic Movement for the past 30 years.

Length: 39 minutes

Item#: BVL117632

ISBN: 978-1-63521-264-8

Copyright date: ©2009

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