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What is Information Literacy? (06:14)


Information literacy is a critical skill in obtaining knowledge. A Google search is a preliminary tool in researching a topic. The Association of College Research Libraries (ACRL) delineates information literacy into five components need, access, evaluate, use and ethics.

Types of Information (04:48)

Learn about computer literacy, visual literacy, and media and information literacy. The purpose of Information literacy remains the same regardless of type. In today's society information appears on multiple platforms.

Research and Literacy Skills (07:02)

Academic Library sites or Google Scholar contain articles that have already been assessed. Multiple sources help evaluate if an article is biased or contains bad data. When researching technology or health sciences, only use recent articles because information changes daily.

Determining Credibility of Internet Sources (05:12)

Look for sites that contain .edu or .gov— use caution with sites ending in .net, .org, or .com. Learn what constitutes a non-credible site. Ensure sources are credible by checking the author's background, when the site was last revised and cross-check the facts.

Critical Reading vs. Critical Thinking (05:25)

Learn the differences between critical and non-critical reading. Critical reading and thinking require participants to be active, skeptical, purposeful, and objective towards the source material.

Information Ethics (07:32)

Plagiarism is copying or paraphrasing someone else's work and submitting it as your own. Copyright infringement is using another's work without permission, creating a derivative work, or distributing or displaying another's work. Learn about exceptions like common knowledge, fair use, and public domain.

Summary (03:30)

Information literacy helps find sources, tackle a topic efficiently, and evaluate resources. Hear a summary of the topics covered in this film.

Credits: Introductions to Information Literacy (00:59)

Credits: Introductions to Information Literacy

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Information Literacy is a crucial skill in obtaining knowledge. In this episode, learn how to find credible sources on the internet, read and evaluate a topic critically, and notate your sources. Ethical issues are also addressed.

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