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Sport and Exercise (01:49)


Experts in sport psychology define the study and describe its goals. Sport psychology aims to understand people in sports and perpetuate the popularity of sports.

The Growth and Development of Sport Psychology (06:07)

In the 1920's, Coleman Griffith began the first laboratory of sport psychology and penned the first books on the subject. In the 1980's, two organizations related to sport psychology were established. Experts discuss the importance of sport psychology.

Sports Psychology Applications and Techniques (09:30)

Models used in psychology are also used in sports psychology. Behavioral psychology and cognitive models of psychology impact sports psychology. Psychologists discuss techniques for mental training.

Intrinsic Aspects of Sport Participation (08:16)

Intrinsic and extrinsic factors create motivation and are vital in sport psychology. Sports psychologists try to help athletes identify their personal motivators. Confidence is built through quality practice.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Aspects of Exercise (03:06)

Physical activity is vital to human beings. The sedentary lifestyle of society is a risk factor for diseases like heart condition. Exercise is medicinal.

Extrinsic Aspects of Sport Participation (05:28)

Sports psychology looks at the sociology of sports and the preconceived notions people have about sports. Sports in media do not accurately portray the actuality of sports.

Extrinsic Aspects of Sport Participation Continued (06:49)

Sport can be a means for college students to focus on personal development. The correct motivations can have positive consequences for athletes' personal development. Success should be defined as improvement, not winning.

Credits: Psychology of Sport (02:23)

Credits: Psychology of Sport

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Psychology of Sport

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This program discusses the growth and development of sport psychology, applications and techniques used in sport psychology, extrinsic and intrinsic aspects of sport participation as well as exercise. The factors that motivate athletes are examined along with common social and cognitive-behavioral theories applied by sport psychologists such as self-efficacy theory and self-determination theory.

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