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Voices of the New Jungle: Introduction (02:27)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of migrants in Calais.

Undeveloped Living Community (03:03)

Hassan, who previously lived in Ireland, lost touch with his girlfriend and child. He lives in "the Jungle" in a shack with six other men. Lauren Roussell discusses the worsening issue of immigration in Calais.

Jungle Living (01:59)

Alfa reveals his higher quality living conditions in the camp. Roussell states that Calaisiens are afraid of migrants and many businesses operate with their doors closed. A migrant fled Afghanistan in fear; he recalls his arrest in Calais.

Escaping Oppression (02:16)

Mark Brown reflects on the reception of his film crew in the migrant camp. He meets two migrants from Eritrea; one man remarks on government attitudes. Hassan revealed that his father and brother were killed over a land dispute in Egypt.

Refugee Assistance (02:11)

Every morning at 11:00, Hassan and other migrants walk to a charity center.

General Opinion (02:12)

Calais resident Patrick Tailliez shares his thoughts about migrants in Calais; many locals avoid migrants.

Port of Calais (02:50)

See Kristina Howells' video that highlights her concerns about migrants in Calais. She blogs about migrant living standards, health threats, and criminal activities. Eastern European gang affiliates often hang around a coffee shop.

Heading for a Crisis (05:37)

Catholic Secour Pascal Froehly discusses the difficulty of meeting the needs of migrants. He reflects on smuggling, arrests, and violent crime. He describes a small group of protestors as "uneducated racists."

Syrian Migrants (02:34)

Brown encounters a small group that set up camp near the main entrance to the Port of Calais; they fled from war in Syria.

Iranian Migrants (02:41)

Brown speaks with migrants who have family in the U.K.; they try every day to enter the U.K. Al-Qaeda destroyed livelihoods and prospects in Iran.

Migrant Protest (04:19)

See footage of the war in Syria and the Sudanese militia terrorizing a village. A group from the Jungle demonstrates for their right to free migration. Brown speaks with participants about the migration and the response of Calais citizens.

Migrant Presence (02:04)

Roussell explains his view of the migrant situation in Calais. He is against people living in tents on the streets and believes migrants should be better treated.

Housing for Asylum Seekers (03:18)

A migrant awaits word from the French government on his asylum application; he lives outside an abandoned building. Roussell reflects on the impact of security measures along the border and in the U.K. on migrants in Calais. The situation worsens during the winter months.

Trying for England (03:14)

As night falls, migrants leave "the Jungle" with the hope of not returning. Khaled explains his attempts to enter the U.K. Small groups scale the port fences at night.

Tunnel La Manche (04:49)

Groups of migrants traverse the roads at night. Brown examines fences that panicked migrants attempted to breech and speaks with a customs official about attempted crossings and use of force.

Attempted Crossings (04:20)

Khaled explains why he did not attempt to cross the night before. The customs official considers how many migrants cross the border undetected on a weekly basis and the expansion of the migrant population.

Jungle Update (01:45)

Brown reflects on the escalation of the migrant crisis. The Eritrean left "the Jungle" and have not returned. Hassan lives in Paris and Khaled remains in Calais.

Credits: Voices of the New Jungle (00:32)

Credits: Voices of the New Jungle

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This film portrays the rapidly increasing dilemma of illegal migration to Europe. It goes into the so-called “Jungle”, an abusive and unlawful immigrant encampment near Calais in France, full of desperate refugees from all around the world. Interviewing them, the director provides us testimonials and opinions on the crisis that threatens to destroy the European Union.

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