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Good Cooking Requires Math (00:47)


Ingredients, time, and temperature are three elements of success in the kitchen.

Kitchen Hygiene (00:38)

Make sure hands, tools, bowls, surfaces, and food are clean. Learn tips for washing hands.

Units of Kitchen Measurement (03:52)

In the kitchen, we measure ingredients in three ways. The United States customary units system of measurements is used in the U.S.; most other countries use the metric system. Megan Thomas identifies the most common units of measure when cooking.

Measurement Equivalents (01:20)

See measurement equivalents in volume and weight. Learn tips to help you remember equivalent equations.

Abbreviations (00:46)

Thomas identifies the abbreviations of commonly used units of measurement in cooking.

Measuring Tools and Techniques (01:02)

Using timers helps prevent under cooked and overcooked food.

Thermometers (02:00)

Thermometers can measure the heat applied to food and the temperature of the food. Learn safe minimum temperatures and basic guidelines for oven temperature.

Types of Ingredients (00:59)

In the kitchen, we measure three categories of ingredients: dry, moist, and liquid. Learn tips for measuring each type.

Measuring Cups (01:20)

Measuring cups usually come in sets. Measuring cups specifically designed for liquids typically result in less mess. Learn tips for reading a measuring cup.

Measuring Spoons and Scale (01:44)

Measuring spoons usually come in sets and can be used for wet and dry ingredients. A kitchen scale measures weight in ounces and pounds.

Measuring Tips (00:59)

Tips include: using a dash or pinch, measuring something sticky, and using half an egg,

Converting Measurements (02:32)

First check the serving size of a recipe. Thomas doubles a recipe for chocolate chip cookies; she converts the amounts on paper first.

Comparing Costs (01:38)

Simple math can be used to compare the prices of ingredients at a store. Thomas reviews the measuring concepts discussed in this video.

Credits: Kitchen Math: Measuring (00:46)

Credits: Kitchen Math: Measuring

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In this film, Megan Thomas presents, with humor and style, basic kitchen measurements, measuring tools and techniques.

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