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Speed: Introduction (00:39)


This segment orients viewers to the topics of motion and speed.

How Fast? (04:57)

Speed equals distance divided by time and can be measured in three ways. Topics include: average speed and instantaneous speed. Graphs chart Usain Bolt's running position and speed.

SI Units (03:35)

See examples of SI units. The use of different units resulted in the Mars Climate Orbiter's thrusters firing at different times. Velocity is speed and direction.

Speed and Velocity (04:31)

Learn the general formulas for average speed, distance, and time; see example problems. A question involving mixed units requires conversion.

Converting between M/S and Km/Hr (04:09)

Learn how to convert meters per second to kilometers per hour and vice versa. Traveling at 60 km/h, a driver with a 0.26 reaction time would travel 4.3 meters before executing a maneuver; see footage of accidents.

Measuring Speed (02:55)

To measure speed, measure the distance an object covers and the time it takes to cover the distance. Learn two ways to measure distance and time. Determine the speed of a soccer ball.

Analyzing Speed (02:26)

Speed analysis is important for vehicle design and the study of human motion. Learn how a speedometer works and calculate the speed of a bicycle.

Credits: Shedding Light on Motion: Episode 1—Speed (00:29)

Credits: Shedding Light on Motion: Episode 1—Speed

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Shedding Light on Motion: Episode 1—Speed

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In episode 1, presenter Spiro Liacos introduces students to the concept that speed is a measure of how far something travels in a given amount of time, looks at how speed varies in a sprint, explains the concept of velocity, and demonstrates a number of ways of measuring an object’s speed.

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