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Gambling Addiction (02:52)


Recovering gambling addicts share their stories. Girls tend to like activities where they do not interact with others, whereas boys prefer more social interaction.

Teen Gambling (03:24)

Over 81 percent of teenagers have bet money during their lifetime. Girls prefer lottery, horse racing, and slot machines while boys favor games of skill and sports betting.

Only Remembering Wins (02:25)

Gamblers lie about winning and losing. Problem gambling begins when the addiction brings problems and pain to the gambler and loved ones. Compulsive gambling is an uncontrollable urge to continue gambling despite the toll it takes— it is as addictive as alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.

Are You a Problem Gambler? (03:11)

Danger signs include: thinking about gambling constantly, fantasizing of the "big win", lying about gambling, stealing money, interfering with work, changed sleep patterns, or suicidal thoughts.

There is a Way Out (02:11)

Talk to your parents, a school counselor, or peer groups for help. The problem gamblers hotline number is printed on most lottery tickets. Recovering addicts caution against gambling.

Credits: Gambling Addiction— Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions (00:12)

Credits: Gambling Addiction— Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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Gambling Addiction—Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

Part of the Series : Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions
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In this video, experts discuss compulsive gambling behavior, possible symptoms, and how to get help. Gambling addicts share their stories. 

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