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Heroin's Promise: An Early Grave: Introduction (03:57)


Opium is purer than it was ten years ago and people equate it to less potent drugs like pot. Recovering heroin addicts share their stories. Doing drugs does not solve problems; it creates new ones.

Intense Addiction and Withdrawal (02:20)

John T. Peoples explains that most addicts turn to crime because they cannot afford the drug. Suzi describes how Hollywood glamorizes addiction. Side effects of withdrawal include: flu-like symptoms, insomnia, pain, sweating, chills, nausea, and mental instability.

Tendency to Relapse (03:24)

Heroin is psychologically dependent and addicts may face lifelong relapses. The number of 8th graders who have tried heroin doubled from 1991-1996. Experts and addicts discuss their dependency on heroin.

Addiction Consequences (03:32)

Repercussions include medical problems, isolation from loved ones, a criminal record, and inability to find employment. Individuals convicted of possessing heroin can face up to 20 years in prison for the first violation. Addicts and experts describe dependency.

Adolescent Viewpoint (02:23)

Teenagers believe they will retain control over their dependency. In the past six years, the number of young adults who overdosed and went to emergency rooms increased by 2000%. Teenagers abandon peers who overdose for fear of being punished.

Taking Action (05:11)

Suzi wants to get treatment for her addiction. It is important to find an alternative way to stimulate an addict's body and mind. After the production of this film, Suzi overdosed on heroin and died.

Credits: Heroin's Promise: An Early Grave—Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions (00:42)

Credits: Heroin's Promise: An Early Grave—Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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Heroin's Promise: An Early Grave—Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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On this episode of Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions, experts discuss heroin dependency and possible ramifications. Drug addicts share their stories.

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