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Internal Control Psychology (02:56)


Choice Theory explains human behavior based on our genetically hardwired internal motivation to satisfy five basic needs. In Reality Therapy, the Choice Theory model helps clients gain control of their lives.

Origins of Choice Theory (02:42)

Dr. William Glasser realized external control psychologies did not produce positive behavioral changes and resulted in disconnectedness. Anyone who understands what a choice is, can learn Choice Theory. Unhappy people are unable to have good relationships with those that matter to them and often do not accept responsibility for their choices.

Axioms of Choice Theory (02:10)

Choice Theory is based on 10 basic premises. See an example of expression that removes external control and places responsibility on the individual.

Real World (02:24)

The "how the brain works" diagram summarizes the concepts of choice theory. Humans have several filters that help us make sense of the world without becoming overwhelmed.

Perceived and Quality Worlds (03:39)

Data passes through the knowledge and valuing filters to our perceived world; no two people's perceived worlds are identical. Our quality world is comprised of pictures that illustrate what we want and represent our ideal self.

Quality World Pictures (01:52)

Quality worlds may contain pictures that others might judge as unethical, illegal, or immoral. Many professionals often use a person's quality world as a starting place to help clients self-evaluate and make choices to move toward happiness.

Comparing Place (02:36)

We compare our quality world pictures with our perceived world and if they do not match, we feel frustration. Frustration leads to behavior that "will help us get more of what we want; all behavior is purposeful. Thoughts, feelings, and physiology will eventually follow behavioral changes; a car analogy explains total behavior.

Disconnecting and Connecting Habits (02:18)

Learn the seven habits that destroy relationships and seven habits that support relationships. Choice Theory principles allow students greater autonomy and promote positive relationships.

Empowering Clients (02:15)

Choice Theory underpins Reality Therapy. Over 10,000 professionals are Choice Theory Reality Therapy certified. Dr. Experts often reference Dr. Glasser's Choice Theory model.

Credits: Choice Theory (00:31)

Credits: Choice Theory

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In this program, the Choice Theory model of human behavior is explained by leading certified experts, including the five basic needs, perceptual systems, the quality world, and total behavior. Choice Theory is the foundation for Reality Therapy developed by renowned psychiatrist, William Glasser, offering a cognitive/behavioral approach to mental health improvement.

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