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Cross Cultural Communication and Globalization (02:00)


Aviation, the internet and satellites enable us to work, trade, and live across the world. View a definition of culture. Culture helps us understand and adapt to our environment.

Cross-Cultural Communication Basics (03:56)

Culture includes ethics, religious practices, and gender practices. Assume value, attitude, and belief differences when communicating with someone from another culture; words, gestures, and body language will impact their perception. View definitions for values, attitudes, beliefs, and cultural patterns.

Collectivism vs. Individualism (03:42)

View a definition of cross-cultural communication. Genetic race, ethnic background, religious persuasion, and gender form a culture's world view and are miscommunication factors. Learn differences between individual and collective cultures.

Cultural Patterns by Country (03:18)

Hofstede described uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and valuing masculine or feminine characteristics as cultural patterns. View examples of nations embracing or avoiding risk and possessing masculine or feminine world views.

Detail Relevancy in Cross-Cultural Communication (03:12)

Anthropologist Edward T. Hall described cultures as high or low context. High context cultures are homogeneous in beliefs, values, and attitudes, and value non-verbal communication. Low context cultures are diverse in beliefs, values, and attitudes, and require more verbal details. Eye contact is also an important cultural difference.

Language Barriers (03:16)

Hear a definition of language; verbal and non-verbal language varies culturally. The distinction between religion and politics is hard to perceive in some cultures. It is important not to use Western emblems that may be offensive, such as the peace sign.

Perceptions of Time (01:50)

Punctuality has different meanings in different cultures. Monochronic time views time as fixed in nature; polychronic time views time as spontaneous or unstructured events.

Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations (02:12)

Managers should make allowances for religious beliefs and practices such as noon time prayers in Islam. Many cultures value discussing topics outside business, such as family, health, and hobbies. Latin Americans say Americans live to work.

Cultural Differences in Medicine (03:16)

Western cultures employ a biomedical belief system, whereby illness is caused by bacteria, virus, or physical injury and treated by drugs or surgery. Personalistic systems believe illness is caused by evil spirits and is treated by spiritual healers. Naturalistic systems believe illness is caused by physical imbalances and is treated with acupuncture or herbs.

Avoiding Offensive Cross-Cultural Communication (04:22)

When dealing with people from another culture and in doubt, do nothing. Approach other cultures as a student, rather than asserting your values or beliefs. View definitions of ethnocentricity, prejudice, and stereotyping.

Cross-Cultural Communication Summary (03:24)

Economic development transcends cultural boundaries. People traveling to another country or culture should use common sense, courtesy, civility, and compassion. Keep an open mind and research that culture or learn some of its language.

Credits: Cross-Cultural Communication (00:45)

Credits: Cross-Cultural Communication

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This program looks at attitudes and beliefs and cultural patterns that affect cross-cultural communication. It discusses the work of E. T. Hall and the idea of high-context and low-context cultures; considers differing cultural perceptions of time; and examines such barriers to cross-cultural communication as prejudice, ethnocentricity, and stereotyping.

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