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No Man's Land (02:42)


Frontline correspondent Martin Smith travels to Syria on the one safe road into the country. He has his money changed into Syrian lira before entering, as the country operates on an all cash economy. The country has been at war for four and a half years.

Isis Versus Rebels (03:50)

Upon entering the country, Smith is surprised at the normalcy he witnesses. People drink, dance, and enjoy the evening; pop music plays. Seven million people are currently displaced inside the country.

No Alternative (03:40)

Smith speaks with passersby who feel there is no option aside from Assad. One woman wishes her remaining four sons would martyr themselves for Syria as one of her sons did. Smith confers with a pro-regime journalist, Thaer al-Ajlani, who shows him military footage.

Regime's Self-Defense (04:03)

Thaer al-Ajlani encourages Smith to attend a government sponsored media conference where leaders, writers, and film directors gather to "counter skewed Western reporting." Afterwards, Smith tunes into a speech given by the president of Syria.

Martyred Hero (02:05)

Smith wakes up to the sound of warfare nearby then receives a call informing him that the journalist he had just met was killed by mortar fire. He attends the funeral, a giant affair since Thaer al-Ajlani had been a regime hero.

Beginning of the Uprising (03:50)

The Syrian War began in March of 2011, when peaceful protesters were fired upon by state security; pro-regime members maintain that the protesters became violent first. Smith goes to visit the film director, Najdat Anzour, who was present at the media conference and confirms that Saudi Arabia elevated the violence, not Assad.

Military Checkpoints (03:03)

As a loyalist, Anzour does not think the government is doing enough to fight extremists, despite the dropping of bombs on suburbs. Anzour offers to help Smith travel through Syria.

Capital of the Revolution (03:10)

Close to a third of the city of Homs is in ruins. Smith meets with a businessman that Assad has been asked to take over homes in the siege who is now the governor.

Resort and Reservations (03:03)

The government put on a "Summer in Syria" movement to paint a prettier picture of Syria. A tourism festival, it involved art festivals and fashion shows, and the government told participants to share their experiences on Twitter. Five miles east of Syria, Smith visits a resort with the Minister of Tourism and the governor.

Military Conscription and Car Bombs (02:33)

Smith speaks with high school students who fear terrorist groups that bomb the city, like the Free Syrian Army and Nusra. A student says the American government has given the rebels long-range rockets: no place in Syria is safe.

Regime's Last Refuge (02:58)

Smith heads west to the Syrian cities of Tartus and Latakia, once coveted vacation destinations. Russia operates a port in Tartus and has a base in Latakia. Women tell Smith of the terrorism they have experienced.

Rendezvous With Militia Men (03:08)

Smith meets an Alawite businessman and visits him in the mountains above Latakia. Another man's daughter was martyred for the regime; his two sons are also soldiers.

Behind ISIS (02:09)

Smith has lunch with the leader of the militia men near the front line and asks about the difference between the Free Syrian Army, Nusra, and ISIS. The leader tells him that all of the groups will turn into ISIS.

Story Worth Hearing (03:31)

Smith meets with a man who was once an officer in the Syrian army, before defecting because of corrupt and cruel leaders. He fought against the government beginning in 2011 and fought against the government.

Syrian Crisis (03:47)

At meeting of political activists, Smith listens to men speak about saving Syria. The activists are trying to create a political platform but they are not able to agree.

Failed Responsibilities (02:16)

Yacoub El Hillo, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, says that the world leaders are responsible for the destruction and crisis of Syria. He speaks of the 18 million Syrians still living in the country.

Dangerous New Phase (02:08)

The last day of Smith's stay in Syria features bombing by the rebels and the government in Damascus. Russia launches attacks on the rebel forces of Syria, including those backed by the United States and Assad has met with Vladimir Putin.

Credits: Inside Assad's Syria (00:60)

Credits: Inside Assad's Syria

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