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Meet Sean Prendville (02:50)


Sean loves spending time with animals and nature. Jenn Prendeville explains on his 13th birthday he was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma and spent six months in the hospital. He required 9 months of high dose chemotherapy and surgery.

Medical Complications (02:39)

Sean made necklaces out of beads to illustrate his struggle with cancer. His mother Jenn, admires his strength of spirit and courage. In two weeks, Sean will return to the hospital for a rotationplasty.

Answers About Rotationplasty (03:14)

Jessica Quinn meets with Sean to answer his questions about the surgery from a patient's perspective. She shows him how the surgeons manipulated her ankle to act as a knee.

Desire for a Normal Life (02:53)

Sean wants a better future. Jenn is nervous about the expense of the surgery— the family has already lost their home. Sean and his sister perform work-study at school.

Pre-Surgery Family Discussion (02:50)

The family prepares for the coming week. Jean and Sean arrive at the hospital. Hanlon prepares them for surgery.

Rotationplasty Procedure (02:47)

Dr. Hanlon demonstrates the steps of the surgery. Jessica visits Sean during rehabilitation. He works with a physiotherapist.

Consultation With Prosthetist (03:11)

One month after surgery, Jenn accepts that expectations need to be adjusted. Sean is motivated and accepts it will be a slow process to get his new leg functional; he finds physiotherapy difficult.

Prosthetic Process (02:39)

Sean's leg and foot are molded for the prosthetic device. The prosthetist explains how the artificial limb was created.

Trying on a New Leg (04:08)

Sean receives a prosthetic limb that requires less energy to walk on than an average prosthetic. Jenn cries when Sean takes his first steps two months after surgery.

Credits: Rotationplasty: My Backwards Foot— Against the Odds (00:40)

Credits: Rotationplasty: My Backwards Foot— Against the Odds

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Rotationplasty: My Backwards Foot—Against the Odds: Inspiring Stories of Disability

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After successfully beating osteocarcinoma, Sean Prendville faces an unusual and complex amputation. Watch him prepare for the surgery and rehabilitate afterwards on this episode of Against the Odds

Length: 29 minutes

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