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Pride in Athleticism (03:23)


Chris Bond and Bridie Kean met in London during the Paralympic Games. They are both competitive and share similar philosophies on life.

Gold Medalist (02:41)

Bond plays wheelchair rugby. He lost three limbs and four fingers as a result of complications to chemotherapy. He rehabilitated for over a year and lives independently.

Desire to Achieve (01:55)

When Bond was 19 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He developed septicemia, and doctors amputated his legs and arm. After a year of battling cancer, he fell into a depression.

Nine Years After Amputations (02:14)

Bond worked hard to remodel his body and keep fit. He began to swim competitively and then switched to rugby.

Training at the Gym (02:05)

Kean was two years old when she contracted Meningococcal Septicemia, and had both feet amputated. She was able to walk and run with prostheses. She discovered wheelchair basketball at 15, and is now captain of the Australian Gliders.

Fierce Competitors (03:12)

Kean and Bond argue over how long they have dated. Both donate their time to cancer charities and recently modeled for a photo shoot. Bond explains that he wants amputees to feel comfortable in their bodies, and not hide their scars.

Facing Difficulties Together (02:32)

Kean confesses there are days when she struggles— she feels comfortable expressing her emotions to Bond. Bond meets with his prosthetist to adjust his new legs. An amputee with a prosthetic spends 50 percent more energy walking than an able-bodied person.

Rugby as a Day Job (02:02)

Bond trains five days a week. As a 3.5 player he is responsible for scoring the goals and defending the ball. Recently he was recruited to join the Texas Stampede, but is concerned about the heat in Texas.

Academic and Athletic Opportunities (02:31)

Kean works as a tutor and is pursuing her PHD in preventative health. She wants to study what motivates people with disabilities to exceed expectations athletically. Bond travels to Vancouver to participate in the Canada Cup.

Canada Cup Begins (02:36)

Watch Bond play and win the gold medal. One month, later Bond and his teammates achieved the world number one ranking by winning at the World Championships in Denmark. Kean and Bond spend time together before they separate.

Embracing Scars (02:25)

Bond attends a book signing for a charity. Bond relocates to Texas and Kean moves to the sunshine coast to pursue her PHD.

Credits: The Green and Gold Couple—Against the Odds (00:43)

Credits: The Green and Gold Couple—Against the Odds

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In this video, Chris Bond and Birdie Kean teach other amputees to be proud of their scars. Watch as the couple pursues their dreams in this episode of Against the Odds.

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