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Meet the Panelists (01:54)


Host Julian Baggini introduces social scientist Catherine Hakim, consultant Mark Salter, and priest and broadcaster Richard Coles. The panelists will discuss whether or not they believe love can be rationally explained.

Catherine Hakim: The Pitch (02:38)

Hakim believes that Internet dating allows people to be clear and conscious about what they want in a partner. It is most useful for people who are older and re-entering the dating scene. Studies show that many relationships forged out of online dating are more than temporary or sexual in nature.

Mark Salter: The Pitch (01:51)

Salter says that love is something fundamentally human and animal, as well as profound and deluding. He does not believe that science will ever be able to properly explain love.

Richard Coles: The Pitch (02:43)

Coles agrees that love has an extraordinary power and remembers belonging to a pop band that maintained love as part of identity. He now focuses on adapting love's power to something sustainable and enduring.

Theme One: What is Love? - Part One (07:00)

Hakim professes that love is the Western label for lust and does not exist on its own. Salter and Coles say that the love they have for their partners differs from love they have for the rest of their families; love is what endures after lust. Hakim maintains there is a culture that transforms lust into love, but that evidence shows lust only transforms into an enduring relationship.

What is Love? - Part Two (07:41)

Coles considers the reasons relationships begin versus the reasons that they endure. Salter believes lust is a fundamental aspect of being human. Hakim explains the way people assess one another and their potential sexual attraction within 30 seconds of meeting another person.

Theme Two: Is Romance Beyond the Reach of Reason? - Part One (06:32)

Salter believes the majority of what goes on in the human mind is beyond understanding, and that we can never define love because it occurs in animal parts of the brain. Coles says that in the Christian religion, there are differences between types of love. Hakim says that emotion and reason are the same thing; Salter believes emotion drives the forces of rational acts.

Is Romance Beyond the Reach of Reason? - Part Two (10:25)

Hakim celebrates the way Internet dating can connect people and discusses a study that showed men's lack of emotional self-awareness. Coles feels that Internet dating targets older people, and that pornography and perversion are negative aspects. Salter discusses self-love.

Theme Three: Can Technology and Science Help Us Find Love? (08:53)

Salter says that people looking for love online have to sift through millions of prospects and that people are spoiled by too much choice. Hakim says that Internet dating is too much like shopping, with people expecting websites to provide the perfect partner.

Credits: Love Incorporated: Can We Measure Our Emotions? (00:07)

Credits: Love Incorporated: Can We Measure Our Emotions?

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As Romeo and Juliet showed, love is a wild and unpredictable force even when faced with reason and control. But we join online dating sites to increase our probability of finding it. Are emotions and intimacy rational choices that can be measured and explained, or is this the sort of reductionist thinking that love seeks to escape?

The Panel

Broadcaster and priest Richard Coles, erotic captial theorist Catherine Hakim and consultant psychiatrist Mark Salter investigate love.

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