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Cross Cultural Teaching Method Experiment (01:48)


Five Chinese teachers instruct a British class for a month to see whether the Chinese education system is more effective. After one week, students are rebelling against disciplinary measures.

Flag Raising Ceremony (02:38)

The Chinese model of discipline, hard work, and competition is failing 9th graders at Bohunt School. Ms. Yang says it also teaches students to be patriotic citizens. British students lack enthusiasm or national pride.

Chinese Parenting (03:16)

Chinese students study social education to learn traditional cultural values. The One Child policy has pressured children to excel academically. Ms. Li teaches British students about Confucian principles of respect and humility; Angelina objects to blindly following parents and teachers.

Subtle Rebellion (03:34)

Josh brings in a tea kettle to protest Chinese teaching methods. He struggles to take notes in Ms. Yang's science lectures, while Rosie enjoys the task. Josh knocks over his tea mug and Ms. Yang forbids food in the classroom.

Learning Pace (02:34)

Students taught by Chinese teachers will be compared with other Bohunt 9th graders to see which education system is best. Two weeks into the experiment, they struggle to keep up with the rapid syllabus. Mr. Zho’s Chinese students are more advanced.

Disengaged from Learning (02:42)

Head math teacher Pete Whitworth observes Mr. Zho's class. Students ignore Mr. Zho and talk among themselves. Mr. Whitworth is shocked at their behavior.

Classroom Management Challenges (03:47)

Chinese teachers are unable to control Bohunt students. Ms. Yang is not used to disciplining students who express their opinion and challenge authority. She tells Josh to leave with his tea mug; Mr. Zho confiscates his electric kettle.

Administrative Intervention (04:11)

Bohunt School head Stuart Vorn is shocked at student disrespect towards Chinese teachers. He instructs them not to allow students to talk while they are speaking. Mr. Zho feels he has failed as a teacher, and loses his temper at Connor.

Signs of Stress (03:57)

Chinese teachers express frustration at losing control of their classrooms. Ms. Yang vows not to fail, for her country's sake. Mr. Vorn warns students to give their guest teachers full attention and respect.

Grammar Lesson (03:26)

Chinese teachers are not used to raising their voices in class. Ms. Li asks students why they were quiet for Mr. Vorn; they say they respect him. She tries to teach them English basics but they do not see the point, as native speakers.

Cultural Lesson (03:58)

Ms. Wei believes British indifference to education comes from having the welfare system to fall back on; Chinese students value knowledge more than British counterparts. She teaches her class to make dumplings in an effort to improve teacher-student relations.

Culture Clash (02:07)

Mr. Zho calls in Josh's mother to discipline him for bringing a tea kettle into class. While this would shame a Chinese family, she does not care that he has broken the rules— and even sides with students rebelling against Chinese teaching methods.

Sympathizing with Students (03:22)

Bohunt head teacher Neil Strowger says student misbehavior would not be tolerated by regular teachers. He monitors Ms. Yang's science class; students stay quiet and focused. He and Mr. Vorn are troubled by the Chinese teaching method of lecturing and having students copy notes.

Pushed to the Limit (03:05)

Ms. Yang disciplines misbehaving students after class. She is unsure whether she can finish the teaching method experiment. Students skip Ms. Li's self-study session and roam the school grounds. They say Chinese teachers isolate and punish certain pupils.

Pressure to Succeed (01:34)

Ms. Yang says she must successfully represent the Chinese teaching method as a matter of national honor. She wants to pass on her father's wisdom to British students.

Parent's Evening (05:19)

Chinese teachers appeal to British parents for their support to improve student behavior. Ms. Yang says that struggle is a sign of strength. One parent appreciates the hard work and dedication they have put into the teaching method experiment.

Credits: The School That Turned Chinese: Episode 2 (00:34)

Credits: The School That Turned Chinese: Episode 2

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In a unique experiment, five teachers from China take over the education of 50 teenagers in a Hampshire school to see whether the high-ranking Chinese education system can teach Britain a lesson. Will the harsh regime of long days and strict discipline produce superior students? Or will the clash of two cultures create chaos in the classroom? After four weeks, the Chinese and British systems will go head to head with the whole year group taking exams to see which teaching style gets the best results. In the second episode, students rebel against long days, strict discipline, and lecture style teaching methods. Behavior gets worse and Chinese teachers struggle to deliver their lessons. Word gets back to the British headmaster and he decides it is time to intervene. A BBC Production.

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