Segments in this Video

Muslim Beauty Pageant and Me: Introduction (01:38)


This segment orients viewers to fashion designer Dina Torkia's beauty pageant experience.

Entry Video (02:34)

Torkia's husband helps her film a video for the World Muslimah competition. Torkia shares hijab fashion tips on an online channel and sells her clothing line worldwide.

Negative Criticism (02:46)

Torkia's audition video received negative comments from conservative Muslims. She is aware of the struggles of young British Muslim women.

World Muslimah Finalist (01:32)

Torkia is chosen as a finalist in the pageant competition. Orphan children cast the final votes. Torkia and her husband prepare to travel to Indonesia.

Torkia Leaves Sid (02:33)

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. Torkia must live with the other contestants for a two week assessment period.

First Night in Indonesia (04:19)

Torkia must share an apartment with four other women. She sees a familiar face during a photo shoot and learns what her schedule will be like for the next two weeks.

Health Assessment (02:09)

Torkia and the other contestants receive a medical checkup. Founder Eka Shanty explains why.

Charitable Foundation (03:33)

Torkia and other contestants visit one of the poorest areas in Jakarta and record their experiences. World Muslimah is about the ideal Muslim.

Singing in Public (03:17)

Torkia and the other contestants travel eight hours to Yogyakarta. Contestants sing karaoke on the train, surprising her and Miss Iran; Torkia questions religious attitudes in Britain.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia (02:37)

Torkia and the other contestants tour the city. She visits Prambanan and questions how the group activities are being scored for the competition.

Respecting Sid (02:39)

Torkia and the other contestants spend the night in a local village. She learns a young man lives in the house where she is expected to stay and she finds other lodging.

Orphan Judges (02:53)

A group of children arrive at the house where Torkia is staying. The evening is a test of the contestants' kindness toward children; Torkia feels the children are being exploited.

Gift Buying (03:44)

Torkia and the other contestants purchase gifts for residents in an "old folk's home."

Competition Judges (04:11)

The contestants learn the orphans will be the main judges for the entire competition; they consider boycotting the grand finale. Sid arrives. Miss Trinidad and Tobago joins the competition on the final day.

Grand Final (04:02)

Torkia and the contestants learn who the top 10 contestants are; Miss Trinidad and Tobago is one of them. Shanty justifies the decision.

Final Candidates (03:19)

The final show continues for hours; orphans in the front row fall asleep. Miss Tunisia and Miss India are the final contestants. The orphans choose World Muslimah; Shanty is pleased.

Life Lesson (01:28)

Torkia reflects on what she learned from her participation in the pageant.

Credits: Muslim Beauty Pageant and Me (00:55)

Credits: Muslim Beauty Pageant and Me

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Miss World is a competition known for glamorous girls and bikini modelling. But today there is an alternative version aimed at finding positive role models for women in the Muslim world—World Muslimah. This global pageant aims to promote modesty and Islamic values and attracts competitors from Iran, USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Nigeria. Britain's first entrant, Dina Torkia, is a 25-year-old fashion blogger and stylist from Cardiff with thousands of followers on her YouTube channel. This film follows her journey as she aspires to make it through from her online audition to the selection stages, and into the final in Jakarta in November 2014. With unique backstage access to the competition and the finalists from all over the world, Dina gets to the heart of what being young, Muslim, and female means in Britain and the rest of the world. A BBC Production.

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