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Diseases of the Brain (02:34)


Surgeons at the hospital perform treatments that could potentially damage a patient's quality of life. Parents need make difficult decisions for the child's well-being. Dr. Owase Jeelani's passion for children guides him. (Credits)

Light Sensitivity (03:19)

After receiving an MRI, Trinity Sing, age-7, was diagnosed with two tumors in the brain stem. Her radiologist referred her to a specialist wing. Dr. Jeelani explains his treatment plan to the neuro-oncology team.

Epilepsy (03:23)

Jack Copely suffers from seizures— he jokes about his top five attacks. He comes to the hospital for testing. By stopping his medications and changing his sleep patterns, Dr. Cheryl Hemmingway hopes to discover what part of the brain is causing the seizures.

Health Risks Without Surgery (02:55)

Cody was born with a rare malformation of the blood vessels in his brain. Dr. Adam Rennie hopes to operate to avoid heart failure or problems with the blood supply to the brain. Only one in three children who undergo this surgery survives without impairment.

Risk of Brain Damage (03:26)

Dr. Jeelani explains the risks of surgery to Trinity's parents. His goal is to perform only one surgery to remove all three cysts, but it is possible that she will need two surgeries.

Having Second Thoughts (01:59)

Trinity's parents weigh the risks of surgery against the quality of her life. Dr. Jeelani understands the parent's concerns, but the safety of the child is tantamount.

First Major Seizure (02:23)

Dr. Ronit Pressler reviews the EEG. Because the activity is not confined to a specific part of his brain, doctors need further consultations and test results. Jack is relieved because he can start taking his medication again and go home.

Dr. Rennie Prepares for Surgery (02:56)

It is important to remain optimistic about the patient's recovery. He explains the risks of the procedure to Cody's parents and they consent to the operation.

Cody Undergoes Surgery (02:11)

Watch as Dr. Rennie performs the operation on Cody's brain. While he is hopeful that the operation was successful, he will not know the outcome for another three months. Cody wakes up.

Consent for Surgery (02:11)

Trinity's parents sign consent forms. Dr. Jeelani is worried about potential brain damage. Trinity prepares for surgery.

Surgery Begins (03:03)

Dr. Jeelani operates— Trinity's parents pray. Dr. Jeelani removes the tumor and updates her family. Trinity opens her eyes and moves all her limbs.

Unborn Baby Girl (02:13)

Dr. Rennie explains that the fetus is already in heart failure— the mortality rate is around 50 percent. The parents are aware of the risks and consent to the surgery.

Baby Ella May is Born (03:09)

Ella May is transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital after her birth. Scans look good, but Dr. Rennie needs to perform surgery immediately. Her father gives consent.

Ella May Undergoes Surgery (02:39)

Dr. Rennie injects fast drying glue into blood vessels to stop brain bleeds— the glue tube must be removed quickly to prevent getting stuck. After the surgery Dr. Rennie is encouraged by MRI results.

Waiting for Test Results (02:44)

Jack and his mother worry about problems arising during surgery. The epilepsy team discusses treatment options for Jack. They decide to present the options and risks to Jack and let him decide.

Two Weeks Later (02:07)

Trinity is recovering but her motor skills and vision have been affected by surgery. Dr. Jeelani is hopefully that she will fully recover. Because of her age, Trinity can choose between two different types of therapies, proton beam radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Two Different Options (02:38)

Dr. Jenny Gains talks to the parents about potential treatment methods, proton beam radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She cautions against waiting to see if the tumor grows. Trinity's parents need to decide within the week.

Weighing the Options (02:30)

Trinity is discharged. After three consultations, Trinity's parents still have not made a decision about treatment. Dr. Olga Slater and Dr. Gains explain why making a choice is so tough.

Emergency Call from Intensive Care Unit (02:12)

Ella May is brain dead after a stroke. Her parents decide to terminate her care. Dr. Rennie feels sad, but knows he must continue treating sick children.

Jack Returns to Hospital (02:25)

Four months after his assessment, Jack meets with the epilepsy team. He is a candidate for a hemispherotomy. There is a 60 percent chance it will cure his seizures, but he will lose peripheral eyesight.

Making Decisions (02:19)

Trinity's parents decide to pursue proton beam therapy in America. Jack decides against surgery.

Cody Returns to the Hospital (02:46)

Three months after surgery, Cody's parents meet with Dr. Rennie— Cody is cured. Trinity returns from America and receives a check-up from Dr. Jeelani.

Credits: Mend My Brain: Great Ormond Street, Series 3 (00:37)

Credits: Mend My Brain: Great Ormond Street, Series 3

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Great Ormond Street is Britain's leading hospital for treating children with serious diseases of the brain - from tumours to epilepsy to rare neurovascular conditions. In this video viewers follow four patients through treatment in the Department of Neuroscience. A BBC Production. 

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