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Extreme Brat Camp: Introduction (02:15)


Every year, thousands of children attend camps for out of control behavior. Do these camps really work?

Camp Consequence (02:35)

Former marine Glenn Ellison founded the camp 14 years ago. Once a year he holds a 30 day behavioral camp; Ellison and his team receive 33 children.

Parental Consent (03:11)

Parents must attend a weekend long conference and agree to attend Camp Consequence before their children are accepted. Parents watch the volunteer team lead the children through "shock and awe."

Bryce, Age 10 (02:26)

Bryce's mother placed him in Camp Consequence for disrespect and defiance. Parents Joel and Andi are uncomfortable with the team's methods; Ellison believes they will soon be on board.

Defying Camp Rules (02:43)

Bryce refuses to go to sleep. Those who are defiant continually move two piles of dirt; Bryce joins the group.

Sarge's Community Base (02:46)

Security officer and former marine, Keith "Sarge" Gibbs assembles children for a drill weekend; ages range from 5-14. Most attendees are from single parent families who live in at risk neighborhoods. Danielle worries about her 8-year-old son Elijah.

Drill Weekend (03:59)

Elijah attends Sarge's Community Base with 16 other children. He and his team lead the children through 52 hours of discipline drills and forced marches.

Behavioral Intervention Industry (03:13)

Sarge has the children march after three hours of sleep. Parents attend parenting classes for four months while their children attend drill every weekend. Intervention programs are not federally regulated; there have been thousands of allegations of abuse in some camps.

Universal Crisis Intervention (02:35)

Evan "Bullet" James extracts and transports children to treatment facilities or boarding schools; often against their will. James and team member Mike begin their travel to extract a young man from his Indiana home.

Terre Haute, Indiana Transport (04:01)

James and Mike meet with Elizabeth and successfully remove David from the home. The child transport industry is unlicensed. James states the industry requires more regulation.

Camp Consequence: Day Two (04:46)

Attendees clear litter from the roadside; Bryce continues to struggle with authority. Parents are expected to learn new parenting techniques. Attendees receive their first hot meal since arrival.

Transport Stopover (01:41)

James and Mike are transporting 15-year-old David to a yearlong residential program. They take security precautions while staying at a hotel. David expresses his feelings.

Boys Only Program (02:09)

The girls and parents leave camp; the boys will remain for a 30 day program. Owen begs his mother to take him home.

Masters Ranch (02:36)

David returns to the Christian boarding school for boys he left eight months ago; access to the outside world is restricted. Elizabeth describes previous attempts to address David's behavior. Thomas Burton criticizes the faith in behavioral programs.

Rules and Behavior (03:00)

The boys clear ditches and fields during the 30 day residential program; Ellison tries to get the boys to understand the importance of rules. Danielle pulled Elijah out of Sarge's Community Base early; his behavioral changes are slight.

End of Camp (02:55)

The boys finish their 30 days at Camp Consequence; parents are expected to attend weekly support meetings. Ellison believes Bryce may have to return to the camp.

Credits: Extreme Brat Camp (00:32)

Credits: Extreme Brat Camp

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Teen camps have become a staple of America's youth rehabilitation system. The scale is vast: every year an estimated 5,000 children are sent to one of 1,000 or more centers dotted across the country. These camps are recommended by teen psychologists, or are sought out by parents, often at considerable expense. Not infrequently, children are forcibly removed, on the request of the parents, from their home and taken to a program, sometimes hundreds of miles away, by a professional transporter. This documentary explores the controversial issue of the aggressive behavioral modification and confrontational methods these camps employ, with exclusive access to several facilities across the U.S., the people who run them, and the families that send their children away. A BBC Production.

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