Segments in this Video

Lucía Returns (02:31)


Lucía asks how Raquel was able to convince Don Fernando that Angela and Roberto were his grandchildren. Raquel describes the evidence she brought him and the car trip to San German.

In San German (02:03)

Raquel describes meeting Angela's grandmother. Angela has not been able to get through to her brother in Mexico to share the news. Angela's grandmother says she can go to Mexico.

Visiting Angel's Room (04:13)

Angela and Raquel discover Angel's drawings. She wonders why her father never shared his history.

Saying Goodbye to Grandmother (02:23)

Angela's grandmother gives Angel and Rosario's wedding goblet. They return to San Juan. Later that evening, Raquel calls Arturo to update him.

Arturo Excited about the Children (02:57)

Raquel and Lucía go eat lunch. Raquel decides Olga has nothing to do with the second codicil, but she is suspicious of Angela's husband, Jorge.

Jorge and Raquel Talk (03:07)

Raquel recalls how Jorge flirted with her. Jorge and Angela are getting a divorce but it isn't final yet.

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Pistas: Nuevos Destinos

Part of the Series : Nuevos Destinos
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A sequel to the original Destinos, Nuevo Destinos introduces students to Spanish through an entertaining telenovela. In this episode, Raquel recounts her travel in Puerto Rico and wonders who is influencing Angela. Viewers review vocabulary and grammar. 

Length: 18 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2001

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