Segments in this Video

Lucía Returns to Los Angeles (02:32)


Lucía questions Raquel about the second codicil, suggesting that she might be hiding information because of her relationship with Arturo. Raquel swears she is not.

Raquel Tells about Puerto Rico (02:44)

Raquel describes how she met Angela's uncles and aunts. Olga does not want Angela to go to Mexico.

Angela Calls Her Grandmother (02:10)

Grandmother insists on meeting Raquel before giving her opinion. Raquel and Angela plan on driving to see her the next day.

Raquel Rubs her Head (02:52)

Raquel wonders if Aunt Olga is behind the codicils based upon a letter she received from Angela. Lucía apologizes for her questions, and Raquel confesses she is preoccupied about Arturo and Luis.

Lucía Fetches Raquel an Aspirin (02:26)

Raquel remembers how Arturo promised to come with her.

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iImposible!: Nuevos Destinos

Part of the Series : Nuevos Destinos
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A sequel to the original Destinos, Nuevo Destinos introduces students to Spanish through an entertaining telenovela. In this episode, Lucía confronts Raquel about her motivations. Viewers review vocabulary and grammar. 

Length: 13 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2001

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