Segments in this Video

Raquel Returns Home (02:18)


Raquel checks her messages, sits on the sofa, and reminisces about Arturo. She picks up the newspaper.

After Dinner (03:47)

Raquel remembers her trip to the Rosario's house in Argentina. She decides to record it for Lucía. Upon arriving at the home, she is told that Rosario moved in with her son in Buenos Aires.

Raquel Returns to the Capital (03:12)

Raquel asks to speak to Arturo and explains she is looking for Rosario and Angel.

The Phone Rings (02:24)

Raquel's mother calls and asks her to dinner, but Raquel is too busy with work. Her mother asks after Arturo— Rachel informs her that Arturo is back in Argentina for a medical conference. Her mother mentions Luis is back in town.

Raquel Continues Her Story (03:42)

Arturo tells her Rosario died, and he does not know the location of his brother. Arturo takes Raquel to his mother's grave and explains what transpired between Angel and the rest of the family.

Arturo and Raquel Plan (02:41)

Raquel receives a fax from Lucía. It is a newspaper article about the government’s case against La Gavia. The problem is worse than she anticipated.

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Más Datos: Nuevos Destinos

Part of the Series : Nuevos Destinos
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A sequel to the original Destinos, Nuevo Destinos introduces students to Spanish through an entertaining telenovela. In this episode, Raquel describes her trip to Argentina, converses with her mother, and receives a newspaper article about the government's case against La Gavia. Viewers review vocabulary and verb tenses. 

Length: 19 minutes

Item#: BVL115212

Copyright date: ©2001

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