Segments in this Video

Raquel's Office (03:15)


Lucía asks if she can record the conversation. Raquel recounts her travels in Seville, Spain.

In Seville, Spain (03:19)

Raquel meets Teresa Suarez's grandsons who tell her she now lives in Madrid. They take Raquel to their mother. Raquel tells her about letter, and asks if she knows any information about it— she does not.

Raquel Dines with the Suarez Family (02:50)

Miguel called Señora Suarez about the letter, and she insisted that Raquel comes to Madrid to speak with her. Two days later, Raquel travels by train to Madrid, where she is mistaken for the lottery winner.

In the Dining Car (02:40)

Raquel tells the reporter and another passenger some details surrounding her visit to Spain. The train arrives in the station, and the reporter escorts Raquel to the taxi. As she gets into the cab, the letter falls and the reporter reads the envelope as he picks it up.

At the Hotel (02:01)

Raquel lost her wallet in the taxi. The reporter offers to retrieve it— Jaime offers to take her to Señora Suarez. A secretary interrupts Raquel with an urgent package from Mexico City for Lucía.

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El Viaje Comienza: Nuevos Destinos

Part of the Series : Nuevos Destinos
3-Year Streaming Price: $99.95



A sequel to the original Destinos, Nuevo Destinos introduces students to Spanish through an entertaining telenovela. In this episode, Raquel tells Lucía about her travels in Spain and viewers learn about time expressions, past tense and addresses. 

Length: 15 minutes

Item#: BVL115210

Copyright date: ©2001

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