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In Los Angeles (02:36)


Raquel receives a letter from Ramon Castillo informing her that Pedro Castillo died. Ramon requests that Raquel help Lucía Hinojosa execute Pedro's will.

Raquel Calls Mexico City (02:04)

Raquel introduces herself to Lucía Hinojosa and asks how Pedro passed. She learns that Pedro died from a heart attack and is very sad to hear the news.

Raquel Shares the Family Secret (02:40)

Raquel relays to Lucía that she was hired by Pedro to locate Rosario, Don Fernando's first wife, who he had presumed died in the war.

Raquel Travels to Spain (02:37)

Raquel visits Seville and Madrid. She meets Señora Suarez who shows her letters from Rosario written in Buenos Aires— Raquel flies there, and meets Arturo. A fisherman gives Raquel a letter.

Raquel Travels to Puerto Rico (02:19)

Raquel meets Angela and they travel to Mexico City. Lucía interrupts Raquel and asks if she can travel to Los Angeles to hear the rest of the story. Raquel agrees, and Lucia makes travel arrangements with her secretary.

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Dos Abogadas: Nuevos Destinos

Part of the Series : Nuevos Destinos
3-Year Streaming Price: $99.95



A sequel to the original Destinos, Nuevo Destinos introduces students to Spanish through an entertaining telenovela set in Spain. This episode focuses on reviewing the original storyline and introducing Lucía Hinojosa, the Castillo family lawyer and executor of both Don Fernando's and Pedro Castillo's wills. 

Length: 13 minutes

Item#: BVL115208

Copyright date: ©2001

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