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Shifting to a Healthier Lifestyle (03:03)


Kabreeya's family suffers from obesity and diabetes. Her little brother is 8 and weighs 200 pounds; he has to take blood pressure medication. She aims to get fresh food in her high school and plants a garden at home to get her family on board.

Youth Food Activism (02:18)

Kabreeya volunteers at an elementary school garden. She gives a presentation about her work with SWARM and her desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Since quitting fast food, Kabreeya has separate groceries from her family.

School Lunch Survey (01:56)

Kabreeya works on installing a salad bar in her school cafeteria. She polls students about lunches; most want fresh fruits and vegetables, better nutrition, and a greater variety of foods. She will send the results to the mayor or board of education.

School Gardens (03:03)

Kabreeya teaches elementary students about growing food and recalls growing her first cucumber. She prepares to meet with the county lunch director about her school lunch survey results.

Advocating for Healthy Cafeteria Food (02:57)

Kabreeya meets with Wayne County Child Nutrition Director Barbara Ward about her school lunch survey. Ward says salad bars are expensive, and is unable to make any promises. Kabreeya tries to stay optimistic and works on improving her family's nutrition.

Engaging Kids in Healthy Choices (02:25)

Elementary school children get excited about eating food from their garden. Kabreeya gets signatures for a SWARM school lunch campaign and waits to hear from Ward.

Regulatory Road Block (03:52)

Kabreeya documents school lunches without fresh fruits or vegetables. Ward turns down her petition for a salad bar. Kabreeya will continue her campaign. Elementary students harvest produce from their school garden to sell at a local farmer's market; the mayor makes an appearance.

Gaining an Official Ally (03:13)

On behalf of SWARM activists, Kabreeya approaches Mayor Alfonzo King about improving school lunches. The city council agrees to write a letter of support for the campaign.

Child Nutrition Victory (02:48)

With Mayor King's support, Kabreeya gets a salad bar installed in her high school cafeteria. Students express appreciation for a healthy lunch choice. Elementary students enjoy a meal made with produce from their school garden. Kabreeya's younger brother has lost weight.

Credits: The Weight of the Nation for Kids 02: Kebreeya's Salad Day (01:44)

Credits: The Weight of the Nation for Kids 02: Kebreeya's Salad Day

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The Weight of the Nation for Kids 02: Kebreeya's Salad Days

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This warmhearted documentary tells the story of 17-year-old Kebreeya’s crusade to improve nutrition awareness on a personal, familial, and community level in her North Carolina town. After her mom’s gastric-bypass surgery, and seeing relatives with asthma and diabetes, Kebreeya changes her diet to exclude fast food and soda and tries to get her family on board. Though not completely converted to “Kebreeya food” just yet, her mother admits, “I have a problem with Lay’s Lightly Salted Potato Chips. And it seemed like I was eating a whole bag a day.” Deepening her connection to her food, Kebreeya maintains a garden at a local elementary school and encourages others to do so via student group SWARM (Students Working for an Agricultural Revolutionary Movement). She also takes it upon herself to survey other students on lunch menu suggestions and submits them to school officials, proposing a salad bar for their high-school cafeteria. Despite resistance from various school-board officials, Kebreeya takes her plea all the way to her town’s city council and the mayor – and shows how kids can make a difference. An HBO Production. 

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