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Saving My Tomorrow: Introduction (02:09)


Hippocrates, age 8, warns us that we must save our only home. Global warming means less ice for bears to travel on in search of food. Studies show weight loss in bears and scientists worry about their future.

"Save My Polar Bear" (01:17)

Lucy, Imogen, Max and Lorna perform a song written to call attention to the plight of the polar bear.

Extinct Birds (02:29)

Study skins are documentation of extinct birds. Children visit the American Museum of Natural History and learn how DDT almost caused the loss of the bald eagle, and what they can do to help the environment.

The Trouble with Pine Beetles (04:17)

Youth activists discuss the negative effect of global warming on Coloradan forests. When beetles live longer, they kill more trees. Fires burn more of the forest and contribute to carbon dioxide, which in turn causes increased temperatures.

"Greenhouse Gases" (01:20)

Willie Nelson's song illustrates how harsh weather is created when heat is trapped in our atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.

Hurricane Sandy (03:14)

In the last 100 years, the sea level rose about 7 inches. Fourth graders talk about their experiences with the destructive storm and concerns for the future. Scientists expect continued extreme weather from global warming.

"Weird Weather" (01:55)

Glenn, Freeman, Nasia, Antwon, Jasiona, and Glentrel perform a song they wrote about extreme weather caused by global warming.

Goldilocks Zone (01:47)

There is more carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere than any time in the last 800,000 years. Hippocrates explains how our position in the solar system makes our planet habitable. Increasing carbon dioxide levels puts the Earth at risk.

"I Don't Wanna Live on Mars" (01:10)

Ziggy Marley performs "I Don't Wanna Live on Mars."

"The Sea Turtle" (02:06)

Kids share concerns about endangered animals. The ancient turtle is part of a healthy ocean, leaving it only to deposit eggs in the sand. Hatchlings depend on moonlight to make it to the sea.

Rescuing Turtles (02:50)

Teakahla responds to a turtle rescue call. As members of S.T.O.P., she and her parents help disoriented hatchlings make it to the ocean.

"Be the Change" (02:36)

Youth activists Zoe, George and Hippocrates call on viewers to help save the environment. Xiuhtezcatl, Itzcuauhtli, and the Earth Guardians perform their music video, "Be the Change."

Credits: Saving My Tomorrow: Part 2 (01:12)

Credits: Saving My Tomorrow: Part 2

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Saving My Tomorrow: Part 2

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“Earth is our home. We only have one home, and if we mess this one up… where do we go next?” asks concerned 8-year-old Hippocrates. At the American Museum of Natural History Bird Collection, collections manager Paul Sweet talks about the recovery of the bald eagle from near-extinction, giving a hopeful lesson on how conservation efforts can reverse environmental damage. Meanwhile, Colorado teen Xiuhtezcatl fears for the forests he’s grown up with, which are being destroyed by wildfires and pine beetles, and tries to spread awareness through an environmental activism group for kids called “The Earth Guardians.” After a 4th-grade class in Long Beach, LI shares their experiences from Hurricane Sandy, Minneapolis sextet “Da Rich Kidz” – Glenn, Freeman, Nasir, Antwon, Jasiona and Glentrel – perform “Weird Weather,” a rap about the latest alarming weather extremes. Teakahla (11) and her parents do their part by running an organization which aims to protect newly-hatched sea turtles on the Florida coast. “Get your parents involved, get your neighbors involved,” she urges. “It’s about chipping in and doing your part.” Xiuhtezcatl and his brother Itzcuauhtli echo this message in their song “Be the Change,” accompanied by The Earth Guardians, which empowers kids to make a difference. Interspersed are readings by Neil deGrasse Tyson (about the polar bear) and Susan Sarandon (the sea turtle), with performances by Willie Nelson and Ziggy Marley. An HBO Production. 

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