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No Contract, No Cookies (03:03)


Stella D'oro is a Bronx cookie factory employing 138 workers from 22 countries. Private equity firm Brynwood Partners bought the company and demanded 30% pay cuts; workers went on strike for 8 months. Sara Rodriguez expresses frustration at not being able to work.

Strike Headquarters (03:50)

Stella D'oro workers talk about the company's history and recent acquisition by Brynwood Partners. Most are immigrants that have worked there for decades and were planning to work until retirement.

Former Family Business (02:44)

Stella D'oro employees gather to watch a film about the company's founders and reminisce about the positive work atmosphere. The company's acquisition by Brynwood Partners has made their futures uncertain.

Boycott Stella D'oro (02:11)

On May Day, workers leave the Bronx to join a Union Square rally. On the way, they distribute pamphlets about their strike to subway passengers.

American Dream (02:46)

Rodriguez shows viewers her apartment. Her family emigrated from Ecuador for a better life, but now faces financial uncertainty. Striking workers Jerry Fleck and Eddie Marrero point out scab cars in the factory parking lot.

Coworkers and Best Friends (02:23)

Marrero and Fleck take a break from striking to have a beer at Marrero's apartment near the Stella D'oro factory. Marrero worries about keeping his home. He donated a kidney to Fleck.

Union Struggle (03:30)

Eight months into the strike, workers propose to return under old contracts. Brynwood rejects the offer. Employees protest outside headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut. Afterwards, they have lunch; Marrero recalls how he met his wife.

Financial Trouble (02:11)

As the strike drags on, workers run out of money. Vincenzo Carovillano has worked for the company for 35 years. He struggles to pay for medication after heart surgery and faces selling his house. Employees march through the Bronx.

Losing Pensions (01:36)

Mike Filippou and Thanh La have lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. They discuss diminished retirement prospects and worry about factory coworkers that lack skills to find another job.

Legal Victory (02:22)

Stella D'oro employees sue Brynwood Partners for bargaining in bad faith. The judge rules in their favor and orders the company to reinstate striking workers. Employees celebrate in the Bronx.

Returning to Work (02:12)

Stella D'oro workers are allowed through the factory gates. Filippou leaves home at 4am for his morning shift and stops for coffee at a Greek kiosk.

Stella D'oro Strikes Back (03:51)

The same day Brynwood complies with the court order to reinstate workers, it announces it will close and sell the factory. Workers rally at City Hall in a last attempt to keep their jobs; the plant closes without warning that afternoon. Employees express shock and dismay.

Stella D'oro Epilogue (01:10)

Products are now made in a non-union plant in Ohio. 138 workers lost their jobs; some had worked there for 30 years. View their countries of origin and employment duration.

Credits: No Contract, No Cookies: The Stella D'oro Strike (00:48)

Credits: No Contract, No Cookies: The Stella D'oro Strike

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No Contract, No Cookies: The Stella D'oro Strike

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From award-winning documentarians Jon Alpert and Matt O’Neill, this passionate documentary chronicles the struggle of a proud group of multi-cultural, and mostly immigrant, workers at the Stella D’oro cookie-factory. Together, they present a unified front when they go on strike in hopes of protecting their jobs and upholding their union contracts. Their cry: No Contract, No Cookies! An HBO Production. 

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