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Introduction to Musical Paragraphs (02:35)


Maestro George Marriner Maull compares paragraphs in storytelling to sections of related musical ideas in compositions.

Musical Paragraph Listening Exercise (03:27)

Maestro Maull plays Thelonius Monk's "Ruby, My Dear" and pauses between each section. Viewers should assign each section a letter beginning with A; repeated sections receive the same letter designation.

"Ruby, My Dear" (02:31)

The Dan Crisci Quartet plays Thelonious Monk's composition. Listen for sections.

"Kinderszenen" Listening Exercise (03:05)

Maestro Maull plays Schumann's "Scenes from Childhood." Assign letters to each section, or musical paragraph.

Program vs. Abstract Music (04:01)

Musical compositions with a topic or idea are called program music, including music with words. Abstract music compositions convey emotion and thought, but no story. Maestro Maull plays a song from Schumann's "Kinderszenen" and asks viewers what scene it suggests. Schumann titled it "Important Event."

"Prelude in D Major" (02:44)

Maestro Maull plays a Bach piece containing three elements and demonstrating contrapuntal texture. An example of abstract music, it conveys a positive mood. Composers can transmit feeling without words.

Value of Abstract Music (01:09)

Maestro Maull interviews people on the street about their opinions on music with or without lyrics.

Hidden Melody Exercise (03:42)

Maestro Maull instructs viewers to identify a popular melody disguised in a classical music composition. Hear the theme and first variation of Mozart's "Variations on Ah vous dirai-je, Maman." Maull urges viewers to be open and flexible listeners.

Credits: Paragraphs Without Words: Episode 6—Fall in Love with Music (01:28)

Credits: Paragraphs Without Words: Episode 6—Fall in Love with Music

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Paragraphs Without Words: Episode 6—Fall in Love with Music

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In this musical education program, Maestro George Marriner Maull introduces the idea that perceptive listeners learn to absorb larger segments of musical information – similar to paragraphs in written and spoken language. Maull instructs viewers to identify sections in Thelonius Monk’s jazz composition “Ruby, My Dear” which is then performed by the Dan Crisci Quartet. He plays a song from Robert Schumann’s “Kinderszenen” to further stress the importance of noticing larger musical “paragraphs.” This example also opens a discussion of program music as opposed to abstract music. Finally, Maull revisits the idea of listening open mindedness and flexibility through a challenge to recognize a familiar melody hidden in a Mozart composition.

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