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What is "Good" Music? (03:28)


Individual preferences may create prejudices against certain types of music. Maestro Maull asks people on the street listen to Morton Subotnick's "Silver Apples of the Moon" and share their opinions.

Is This Music? (02:14)

Hear an excerpt from Morton Subotnick's "Silver Apples of the Moon." Maestro Maull discusses why or why not listeners might consider it music.

Listening Exercise (05:39)

Maestro Maull instructs viewers to write a brief description of musical excerpts composed in the years 750, 1170, 1721, 1782, 1907, 1936, and 1959.

Identifying Musical Excerpts (02:20)

Maestro Maull identifies a Gregorian chant from 750, medieval song from 1170, Bach piece from 1721, Mozart stringed quartet from 1782, Rachmaninoff symphony from 1907, Bartok orchestral piece from 1936, and Paul Desmond's "Take Five" from 1959.

Common vs. Uncommon Musical Elements (04:40)

Maestro Maull instructs viewers to list similarities and differences between musical excerpts, including a Gregorian chant; medieval song; pieces by Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Bartok; and a jazz song by Paul Desmond.

Keeping an Open Mind to Music (04:39)

Masetro Maull asks a volunteer to describe the attire of another volunteer with her eyes closed. This exercise symbolizes the importance of being open to different musical genres. He plays an excerpt of Morton Subotnick's "Silver Apples of the Moon" and urges viewers to listen to diverse types of music.

Credits: It This Music?: Episode 3—Fall in Love with Music (01:28)

Credits: It This Music?: Episode 3—Fall in Love with Music

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Is This Music? Episode 3—Fall in Love with Music

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In this musical education program, Maestro George Marriner Maull explores the importance of having an open mind as a listener. He asks people on the street to listen to Morton Subotnick’s electronic piece Silver Apples of the Moon and decide whether or not they consider it music. Viewers are then encouraged to make a preliminary list of the basic ingredients or elements of music as they give their undivided attention to brief musical excerpts that include a Gregorian chant, medieval composer Benart de Ventadorn, J.S. Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Bartok and Paul Desmond.

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