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Background Music Exposure (02:58)


Maestro George Marriner Maull interviews people about when they listen to music without their undivided attention. Electronically reproduced music has conditioned us to ignore music while we do other things.

Distractions from Listening (04:11)

Home entertainment centers, good quality headsets, or concerts increase our chances of focusing on music. Maestro Maull demonstrates external disruptions and the internal monologue during a live performance. We have been subconsciously trained to ignore music.

Listening Experiment (03:15)

Maestro Maull instructs viewers to listen to an orchestral piece excerpt while doing another activity. View scenes from nature. Which instruments played the main theme the first time? Listen again without visual distraction.

Musical Awareness Level (04:18)

Listen to one minute of the opening of Felix Mendelssohn's "Symphony No. 4." By making a commitment to be fully present with the music, we are able to increase auditory perception. Listen again, with visual cues demonstrating communication between instruments.

Listening Exercise (03:38)

Maestro Maul instructs viewers to listen to Bela Bartok's "Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta" and make note of every discernible instrument.

Guided Listening Exercise (04:32)

Listen to Bela Bartok's "Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta" and view instruments listed on the screen. Maestro Maull urges viewers to give music their undivided attention on occasion.

Credits: Why Aren’t We Listening?: Episode 2—Fall in Love with Music (01:29)

Credits: Why Aren’t We Listening?: Episode 2—Fall in Love with Music

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Why Aren’t We Listening? Episode 2—Fall in Love with Music

Part of the Series : Fall in Love with Music
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In this music education program, Maestro George Marriner Maull provides an often humorous look at the distractions and cultural influences in our society that actually train us not to listen. We hear background music while shopping, exercising, and doing housework, but rarely take the time to give music our undivided attention. This video enables viewers to actually practice not listening, and then to carefully focus their auditory faculty on the Discovery Orchestra series theme music by Felix Mendelssohn and on the music of Bela Bartok. Guided listening exercises demonstrate which instruments are playing, and how they communicate in the composition.

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