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Joseph Kony and the LRA (02:04)


Journalist and photographer Veronique de Viguerie went to South Sudan to document the guards of communities nicknamed Arrow Boys. They are fighting against Joseph Kony and a group known as the Lord's Resistance Army.

Veronique de Viguerie (02:01)

Viguerie is a French woman who took her photojournalism career to Afghanistan with the plan of staying for three months, but stayed for three years. Some of her work has been called unpatriotic, but she remained true to her beliefs, documenting the conflict.

Juba, South Sudan (03:19)

Viguerie travels to Juda, where she talks to residents about LRA, which is widely known. The LRA abducts children and forces them to become members; this has continued to plague South Sudan for 28 years.

Tracking the LRA (03:04)

The Arrow Boys venture into the African brush to track the evasive LRA by footprints. Viguerie heads to Nzara, asking passersby where to find the Arrow Boys by showing them photographs to circumvent the language barrier.

Jamis of Nzara Arrow Boys (03:56)

On Viguerie's fourth visit to South Sudan, she revisits people she has met before. She speaks to Jamis about the LRA's latest attack and the group's current location.

Refugees and Abductees (04:00)

Members of the Congo community fled to South Sudan to rid themselves of the LRA. Viguerie photographs the children at the Rainbow Community Center and interviews young people that were abducted by the LRA and forced to kill others.

Path Through the Brush (02:52)

Viguerie accompanies members of the Arrow Boys on a journey through the brush to find the LRA. She learns more about the group's path of destruction.

Nzara Refugee Camp (02:07)

At a refugee camp, a little girl tells about her parents being captured and killed and her sister abducted. Viguerie photographs an injured boy in Gulu.

Abducted and Impregnated (02:14)

A woman was abducted and forced to marry a bodyguard of Kony's who impregnated her before she escaped. She is raising the child by herself despite others encouraging her to kill him because of his tie to Kony.

Protecting Life (03:50)

Viguerie reveals that she herself is pregnant as she is venturing through South Sudan. She feels that pregnant woman work hard all the time; it is not a big deal to her. A man praises the Arrow Boys and their commitment to protecting life.

Sangua, South Sudan (02:24)

Viguerie meets Sadi, a victim of LRA abduction who has been beaten to near deafness. He tells her about being beaten by the LRA and forced to beat other people to death with sticks.

Makpandu Refugee Camp (03:23)

At a refugee camp of nearly 6,000 people, everyone has experienced the LRA's destruction. They report that the military does not help and they have taken matters into their own hands.

Viguerie's Loss (02:05)

Viguerie tells about losing her boyfriend to a heart attack. She immersed herself in work after his death to find meaning.

Central African Republic (03:52)

Moses, a captain of the Uganda People's Defense Forces, is on a mission to capture or kill Kony. Instructions are given to the troops pursuing Kony and the LRA.

Hunting Kony (02:49)

The UPDF hunt through the bush searching for signs of the LRA and Kony. Viguerie accompanies them through bushes and rivers.

Night Patrol Preparations (03:51)

Viguerie describes a feeling of hopelessness in South Sudan as the Arrow Boys have been searching for the LRA for years. She embarks on a night patrol search with the Arrow Boys.

Night Patrol (03:31)

On the night patrol, Viguerie travels to an LRA camp with the Arrow Boys. The camp is empty, but four LRA members were killed there earlier.

Stay Awake (02:24)

A shot is fired and in the aftermath a boy named Justin is covered in blood during the night patrol. Viguerie urges him not to sleep and promises him he will be okay after he gets to the hospital.

Human First (02:03)

Viguerie reflects on intervening in saving Justin's life. She says that she is a human first, then a journalist and photographer.

Credits: Witness: South Sudan (00:0-3362)

Credits: Witness: South Sudan

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In South Sudan, thousands have been killed, abducted or displaced by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. French photojournalist Véronique de Viguerie has been travelling here to cover the Arrow Boys – an unpaid force of farmers who took up arms to protect their land and children from LRA. Some say Veronique, who is pregnant, must be crazy to do such dangerous work, but she’s undaunted, going on arduous treks through the wilderness with the Arrow Boys. When word comes that LRA footprints were found nearby, de Viguerie joins a night patrol. In the darkness, a young man is shot and Veronique helps get him to a hospital. Asked if she ever gets scared, she replies, “Sometimes … but there’s no time to be scared.” An HBO Production. 

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